Ram Chary – Jobs Which Give You Power, Fortune and Respect

If you are in the process of electing a career then it is important that you consider what it is that you are looking for from your career in general. For many this will be a different answer but today we are going to focus on those ambitious folk who are shooting for the moon. Fame, fortune and respect are 3 of the most popular characteristics which people look for in a career and we are going to look at some of the job positions which can help you to achieve it.


Chief Executive Officer

The role of a CEO is, in its very nature, a highly respected position which will be the culmination of many years of hard work and success in business. Because of the pressure and the responsibility on the shoulders of CEOs like Ram Chary, they are more often than not rewarded with a handsome salary and bonus structure. If it is power that you are looking for then this is truly the position for you as you will head up a company and be in charge of the board of directors, powerful people themselves. This is a leadership role which ticks all of the boxes when it comes to anyone who is looking for respect, fortune and power.



It is near-impossible not to have respect for someone who has the ability to hold life and death in the palm of their hand, and look to use their powers to save and cure lives on a daily basis. Doctors also win our respect thanks to the sheer volume of work which they must put in to gain their position in the first place, years of medical school before years training on the job, before they can even practice. Because of the hard work which doctors put in, and the importance of their job, they are amongst the highest earners in the country. Doctors have power in a different way to that of a CEO and theirs is based more on their knowledge and ability than their position itself and it is the respect which we have for them that gives them the most power.


Much like doctors, lawyers must study and work for years before they are allowed to practice law, this coupled with the fact that they dedicate their lives to the upholding of justice creates a great deal of respect for this position. The power which attorneys and lawyers have is incredible thanks to their firm grasp of the law and under their charge, innocent and guilty men and women have their fortunes decided, true power indeed. Thanks to the hard work which they put in and the high importance of their job, lawyers are very well rewarded and those who have gone on to set up their own firms and practices, are amongst the richest in the industry. If you are looking for those three special attributes of a career then being a lawyer will most certainly help you to achieve them.

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