Supporting Varsity Sports With Passion: Our Top Tips

Watching your varsity team play other schools is easily one of the most exciting parts of your college years.

Peter Benedict St Andrews would agree wholeheartedly, as he attended almost every game and tailgate he could while he was in school.

He has kept it up as an alumnus, as it has added depth to his life that other activities simply weren’t filling. Want to be like him? Here’s how to support your college team with pride:

1) Don the team jersey

Game day brings an excitement no other time during the week can match. Upon waking, slip on the jersey of your college squad so you can show your support wherever you are in town.

Don’t have an official uniform or team apparel? By wearing clothing that is the same color as your team, you can still broadcast your support. When others see the color of your shirt, they’ll know.

2) Attend or hold a tailgate

Can’t get into an official match for your team? Don’t resign yourself to watching the game at the pub or at your house – that is a fate just too sad for words. Instead, assemble food, drinks, a BBQ, and a massive cooler and head for the lot just outside the arena or stadium where the game is taking place.

Sometimes, rules may stipulate that you are not allowed to gather or drink alcoholic beverages in the open, so get clear on what is legal before committing to a plan.

Sometimes, though, parties go on despite being technically illegal. So as long as there are other parties that gather there regularly and you don’t cause too much of a ruckus, you should be alright.

Don’t forget to invite your friends, but don’t ignore other fans either, as they are pals you simply haven’t met yet. Bring stuff over from your gathering and say hi – you’ll be glad you did.

3) Make some noise

Lucky enough to get tickets to the game? Don’t waste your time being quiet like the businesspeople who are there because they were handed free passes at work. They are trying to behave in a way that won’t get them fired – you are there to cheer on your team. Don’t be afraid to make some noise.

Check to see there if there is a rule against noisemakers, as it would be a shame if you got kicked out for urging on your side to victory.

If they are legal, use items like thunder sticks, bells, and your own bellowing voice to rouse your players into a frenzy and to unnerve the visitors.

4) Incite the crowd to cheer on the team

Now that you are making noise, invite others to join in the fun. This can be done by simply cheering ‘Go [insert your team here]!’.

If you are a creative type, come up with a cool chant for you and your friends to spread to the rest of the crowd. Once you get the whole arena going, there’s no telling how it will affect the game.

Athletes love this stuff, as they consider raucous home fans to be an advantage. If the atmosphere is dead at the game, make it your responsibility to turn it around.

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