Why SEO and Copywriting Go Hand-in-hand

Copywriters have been challenged with the task of appealing to audiences in order to sell services and products in new innovative ways. Now you have a new boss, and it’s not the clients it’s Google! She is back to show you she will forever be the all-knowing queen of the castle that is the internet.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation or SEO is tasked with staying on-top of content and its quality to the reader. They are inseparable the smarter Google gets, (and trust me she does) the more a cohesive relationship between copywriting and SEO applies.

How copywriting is determined by SEO

Google has gotten shrewder than before so your content must be relevant and adhere to a set of rules to get positive SEO results. This presents the copywriter with the task of being new, fresh and giving relevant information in creative ways.

The world of internet content is ever-growing. The copywriter must adapt or die to succeed according to Google at least. To rank on Google and improve your SEO standing you must write in such a way that you get all tags into your content naturally and remain true to your title, your website and yourself as a writer.

This is a big task, but can and is being done. You now need to follow the rules of appealing to a reader to be recognised by Google. When copywriters work with SEO they are likely to get recognised by queen Google herself. They may even be dubbed the number one ranked for certain terms on Google. An honour indeed.

Keeping the honour bestowed upon you by Google

Fantastic, now you are highly ranked on Google- but keeping this title will require maintenance, because thousands of other copywriters are battling to sit where you are.

To keep this top-spot you must continue to produce relevant and high ranking content. The simplest way to do this is to place yourself in the shoes of the reader and what they want to know.

Copywriters are great readers which makes us highly adept at turning any topic into relevant internet content.


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