How Gift Marketing Can Help Your Business Build Your Brand

There are many digital channels for engaging your audience, but if you want a simple strategy that is both effective and long-lasting, you might want to consider gift marketing. This is distributing general merchandize that’s been imprinted with your name, logo, or message. They can be given away as gifts or passed out at trade shows and other events. Promotional products are kept by 79 percent of people if they’re deemed useful. This means that over time, more people will see your logo. It builds brand recognition for a relatively low cost.

Here’s how gift marketing will improve your brand.

Increases Brand Awareness

The way to grow recognition of your brand is to repeatedly expose it to your audience. Customers may reject an overt sales pitch, but presenting your brand repeatedly in a non-sales context will lead to acceptance and increasing probability that they will buy from you at some point. A customer wearing a T-shirt or carrying a tote bag with your logo on it will create further brand recognition with everyone they meet, even if they aren’t aware of it.

Improve Business Reputation

Most people who receive a free gift will experience a positive reaction that creates an emotional tie with your brand. It improves their level of confidence in your company. Gift marketing not only improves brand awareness with the general public, but positive association creates a greater level of confidence within your target market.

Word of Mouth

Promotional gifts also encourage word of mouth, or passive advertising. People content with a free gift like a shopping bag are more likely to recommend your brand to their associates. Gifts can generate referrals constantly with no more expense or effort on your part.


Gift marketing provides high returns. Logos and text are screen-printed onto promotional items. Screen printing is a technique that can be used on virtually any material. Experts from places like Schilling Graphics can provide artwork services and high-tech printing screens suitable for long runs. They can also be stored for reuse whenever necessary.

Customer Loyalty

Customers who receive promotional gifts will have a better reaction to their customer experience. Gift marketing creates an extra level of value to improve their satisfaction. With the gift as a constant reminder, they’ll be much more likely to seek out your products and services in the future.

Gift items instill a good feeling in customers, and provide an advertising source that may be promoting your brand for as long as your service is in use.

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