Internet Marketing Phenom: 3 Ways Your Business Can Make A Splash Online

Internet Marketing Phenom: 3 Ways Your Business Can Make A Splash Online

Up until a few years ago, digital marketing was for the tech-savvy brands with in-house social media managers. Nowadays, internet marketing is an integral part of any business’s strategy and should be considered a driving factor in lead generation and customer satisfaction from day one.

Whether you run an online business, freelance or a local joint, internet marketing can take your earning potential to new levels by establishing a presence and reputation that precedes, promotes and supports your offerings.

Here are three ways that you can get your business noticed online.

1. Go Where Your Customers Like to Socialize

You should already know who your target audience is. Do your products mostly appeal toward moms in their 30s and 40s, or are you primarily geared toward recent college grads? Know your niche and its audience. It’s important that you do your research to fully understand your target audience and niche. There’s no sense in marketing on Twitter, for example, if the majority of your product’s target audience are middle-aged adults who primarily use Facebook.

2. Get Creative with Your Graphics

If you’re using stock images or poorly made graphics on your social media pages and website, that needs to change ASAP. You don’t need thousands of dollars to design a nice profile either. Adobe Spark is a great software that allows you to make custom Facebook covers and other social media graphics. It’s important that you take the time to invest in quality software and quality graphics. This isn’t a place to cut costs, as graphics are one of the key elements of design when it comes to social media and online content.

3. Produce Fresh Content

A lot of businesses tend to curate content and tweet/post links instead of providing their own. While content curation is an important skill that can add to the legitimacy of your brand, creating and publishing new content is also a key factor of online success.

If you want to see engagement rise and more site visitors trickle in, start publishing blog posts and other visual media that is keyword-oriented and provides information that your target audience looks for and is likely to share.

Check out the competition by viewing your top competitors’ blogs and modeling your own posts after their own. You aren’t supposed to copy their work; just see what they’re doing right to get a feel for how to improve your own content.

Stumped on what to write about? Try social listening and discover what your customers are already talking about online, then publish content that contributes to the conversation.

Focus Your Creative Energy on Engagement

To make an impact on social media, your website, pages and content can’t just be visually appealing; they must be specifically designed to encourage user engagement. Whether it’s a call-to-action to leave a comment or to subscribe to a newsletter, make sure that every decision revolves around your audience.

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