5 Must-Have Tools To Write A Big Name Article

We all have to start our writing careers somewhere. As time goes on we pick up some skills to help us produce better content. In the beginning it is important to have your toolbox stocked with items that will help you produce better articles. Don’t be weary when you feel like your current work is not up to the standard you want it to be. In time, with some practice and perseverance, you will be writing big articles for all the major websites.

Here is a list of our top 5 tools you can use to create high quality articles.

  1. Daily Page

Every writer has had moment where they just cannot come up with any good ideas and the creativity seems to take a backseat. I am not sure if I believe in writers block but I have experienced moments of foggy brain. The concept behind Daily Page is really interesting. If you want to commit yourself to writing daily, this tool will help you do that. Basically how it works is, Daily Page will email you topics every day and you have a full day to reply with a written piece. You have the choice to keep your response either private or share with others.

  1. Twords

When you own a blog or a website, updating regularly is very important. Publishing quality content regularly will help you get indexed and hence get more traffic to your site. Twords is an application that will monitor your site activity. If you have not posted in a while, the will nudge you to update. This feature is cool because sometimes you just need to be reminded. It is important to create some kind of schedule for the days you want to update.

  1. Paraphrase checker

We all know that we need a spell checker and a grammar corrector, but it is also important to find a good paraphrase checker. You need to find the best paraphrasing tool to help you when your sentence structure is off. Paraphrase services should be able to make sure that your article is written without any grammar errors and done properly in the language of your choice.

  1. Coffitivity

If you are running low on inspiration and just aren’t in the right mood to write, Coffitivity might help. The concept is pretty simple but somehow works. You’re sitting at home and the silence is either making you zone out more than you want or you just fall asleep. Coffitivity creates this beautiful sound of a buzzing café that makes you feel both awake and puts you in the mood to work. It’s like when you meditate, the sound of a waterfall or the ocean can transport you to a different zone. Trust me, you will be more productive with this tool.

  1. Sand timer

Writing for hours on end does not always relate to productivity. When your brain is tired, the level of work you do is not up to scratch. You want to produce great content and therefor taking breaks is important. Sand timer runs for 33 minutes at a time. The time is based on the Pomodoro Technique which claims that you need a short rest after the set time. It’s kind of like studying. We always hear that you cannot study for hours on end and doing so will result in you forgetting half of what you studied. Checking your phone ever few minutes to know when it is time to rest may be frustrating when you are in a writing flow.


Every article you publish should always be of the highest quality. I tried to list tools to cover every aspect of being a writer. These are the things we need to write our best. There is no such thing as a terrible writer. You simply did not have the tools it takes to become the best. Believe in your voice and put it on paper. There are always other people who will relate to you when you write as your authentic self. Practice is what takes you from an average writer to a professional writer. Write and read as much as you can and see how you evolve.

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