Education 2 Go: Online Courses For Personal and Professional Development

Education 2 Go: Online Courses For Personal and Professional Development

Why ed2go?

With all the hectic lifestyles of everyone today it may seem difficult to be able to prosper in our own personal or professional life. Education 2 Go is better known as the on line course as which makes it possible to learn while also being able to maintain your own lifestyle. I have taken several courses through Ed2go and I have gained so much. The flexibility of taking these courses has given me the ability to pursue dreams that I never thought were possible. I have taken courses to further augment my professional career as well as courses just to help me master a particular hobby.


The courses offered at Ed2go vary tremendously, there are more than 300 online courses available. There are approximately 33 departments to choose from that can enhance just about any field that you may be interested in whether it be for pleasure or work. These courses that are offered are taught by instructors that are known for their ability in creating a warm and supportive community among the students that they teach. Most of the instructors work or have worked for an accredited college, university or other educational institution. Most also have a very extensive history with a personal background in their field of expertise.

Course subject areas include:

These are just a few areas of what is offered at Ed2go and under each course subject there are numerous topics to choose from. These courses usually run between six to eight weeks. They are usually project oriented with assignments, quizzes and most importantly they have discussion areas that include feedback from the instructors as well as fellow classmates.

Cost of ed2go and other opportunities:

The costs for these subjects are very affordable most are offered at $139.00 for the six week course. Some of these courses may be reimbursed by your employer if it is taking for professional enrichment such as the continuing education courses. The flexibility of these courses will give great personal enrichment in the long run. I absolutely loved the ability of taking these courses at my leisure and I looked forward to participating in the discussion groups to share why and how others were taking these same courses as I chose.

Ed2go not only offers opportunities for students they also offer an opportunity for an educator that may feel that they have the talent that is needed to teach their expertise to others by joining the already growing staff at ed2go. For more information on a great way extending a career or personal enrichment their website is easily accessible by going to the website at

It is never too late to discover…Live, Learn and Have Fun.

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