7 Simple Tips On How To Not Run Out Of Ideas When Writing

7 Simple Tips On How To Not Run Out Of Ideas When Writing

If you have to create content on a regular basis, then you understand how at times, it may be difficult to come up with an idea. For a writer or content marketer, you have to engage your audience with fresh content on a regular basis. But at times you have to face the creative block.

You just can’t sit and wait for inspiration to hit. You’ve got to find ways to keep your creative juices flowing. Then, you will see the use of paraphrasing for me. How do you get over the creative block?

When you can ideate any thought-provoking ideas, for your blog, website or essay; below are activities to get you through:

1. Hunt For Inspiration

If you have been writing for a while, then, you can quickly identify the events or sources that cause you to generate ideas. It could be through reading or watching a movie. Don’t just sit at your desk, staring at a blank page.

Go out and experience life. You could find your next great idea from a conversation you overhear. Sometimes, you need to take a break from writing, before the ideas start flowing again.

2. Engage Your Audience

You have a blog and have run out of ideas for the next blog post. Interact with your audience and find out what they would like to see from you. Ask open-ended questions to get detailed responses.

Ask about the content that resonated most with them. Is there anything further that your audience would like to learn? It will also help you in assessing whether or not your content is engaging.

3. Check Out Your Competitors

It isn’t just about beating your competitors but learning from them. Look out for writers in your niche. What are they doing that works, which you could incorporate into your writing?

You also have to compare the different paraphraser online, available. When you get an idea from another writer, don’t just create something similar, bring a new thing to the table. Be it the angle or more information.

Use relevant tools for efficiency, e.g., Ahrefs.

4. Keep Learning

Learning doesn’t end with earning a certificate for a particular course. Invest in self-education. Let your interests guide you, and curiosity fuel your desires. When you consume good ideas, you will be able to come up with good ones, too.

Don’t limit the scope of what you read. Try reading about a topic; you may have little knowledge of; it will expand your reach and creativity.

5. A Quiet Place

Personally, when I free myself of the distractions around me, I get immersed in my thoughts. Maybe I have done all I had planned for the day and are looking for something more. I only, go to a quiet place and let my thoughts wander.

Take some time away from the hustle and bustle of life. Try meditation or go hiking. You can even do Yoga, or go to a coffee date with no one else but you.

6. What’s Trending?

You aim for creating content is that somebody will appreciate and consume it. However, most times we are selfish, and only focus on what we want. Take into account the needs of the people you are serving.

Browse through the media for ideas. What is the need in the world, as at that time? You will now add your perspective on the subject matter.

7. Overcome Your Fears

I have learned to practice free writing. Just exhausting all the words and thoughts in my head on a page. Then, I take a break and go back to it later for editing. Sometimes, I feel the dread of publishing a post.

Once a post gets published, it’s like I have opened up the privacy to the whole world. I don’t want to check the social proof or read through any comments. You will fear, but you’ve got to get over it and give your ideas a chance.


You may face creative block, once in a while. When it comes or before it does, try out the above tips and set your imagination free. It may even surprise you. Don’t forget to use a rewording website, afterward.

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