How To Educate Kids At Home By Way Of Typing Games

How To Educate Kids At Home By Way Of Typing Games

BBC dance mat typing for kids

Parenting is such a challenging task but most parent if not all enjoy the challenges that come with it. Helping the child grow up and learn new skills is every parent’s responsibility. What better way to help your child grow up learning new typing skills. There are different typing games available these days that are made to help teach children typing skills. When children get used to playing typing games they learn new printing skills by use of the keyboard. Children who regularly get exposed to typing games easily get used to typing and even experience speed typing. Different typing games specialized for kids such as the BBC dance mat typing for kids are fun for the kids and also offer much more than just typing.

We take a close perspective at the BBC’s mat typing for kids to find out if it could be the best kids typing game to introduce to your child. Keep reading this article to understand all the aspects of BBC dance mat typing for kids to help find out if it’s best for your child.


The typing game comes with up to four levels to play and each level is divided into three stages. The goal of the game is to help the kid learn new typing skills by introduced to letters. As the child keep progressing more and more letters are introduced.

The four levels

Play Level 1

This is the first level where the player gets to learn how to type keys and also letters e, I, r, and u. As a parent, you then teach your child using the game starting from stage one. You will be showing the child how to place their fingers on the key. It will be better to show the child the right fingers to use to type keys. There are three stages in level one that can be explored when playing the game.

Play Level 2

In this level the kids gets to learn how they can type new six keys just above the home row. Some of those letters are; t, y, w, o, q and p.

Play Level 3

In this level the kids learns how to type 6 new keys found below the home row which include letters such as; v, m, b, n, c, and coma.

Play Level 4

This level the child is taken through how to type letters X and Z and also learn how to capitalize letters. Other learning in this level includes making an apostrophe, full stop and slash.

The outcome after the kid masters every level well

After the child has successfully been taken through the different levels and has mastered every stage found at each level the child will;

  • Know the correct way to place fingers on the keyboard and use fingers correctly.
  • The child will easily memorize keys and even some words.
  • The child will have gained some level of typing skills.
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