Why Print Is Still Relevant In This Digital Age

Why Print Is Still Relevant In This Digital Age

Even if there is an on-going paperless revolution, it’s undeniable that print is far from being dead. Sellers of new and used printing equipment like JJ Bender, still enjoy high sales because of the continuous demand. Why does print remain relevant despite the fact that we are in a digital era? The rest of this post will explore some of the reasons.

It is Cheap

This is perhaps the most significant reason for the eternal relevance of print. Compared to other forms of marketing, print is cheaper. It’s perfect for small businesses. It’s an essential tool for making flyers that will help to get a message across to promote products and services.

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It is a Multi-Generational Marketing Approach

Another good thing about print, when used in marketing, is that it can reach people in multiple generations, especially older customers. While social media and online marketing are highly-effective, it’s best to be used only when you are targeting younger people who are always online. With print, on the other hand, you can reach almost anyone.

It is Engaging

One of the many good things about print is that it provokes people to read it. When there is a printed material in front of you, such as a leaflet or a mail, you feel compelled to read what is written in it, and hence, the message is effectively delivered to the recipient. This makes it effective in establishing brand worthiness. However, for this benefit to be apparent, the print material should be written in such a way that it will engage the target audience.

It is Tangible

This is a benefit that is associated with what has been mentioned above. According to research, people will most probably remember something more if they have an interaction with it. Print is something that people can touch. They can turn pages, and hence, there is an interaction involved that makes it more memorable. Also, print is long-lasting and can be easily passed up to the next generation. In fact, it’s claimed that print offers an experience that is impossible to be replicated online.

It is Targeted

Print also makes it possible to make sure that a material is received by the target audience. For instance, when distributing leaflets, it can be given only to people who suit that target market definition of the company. The content and the design can be easily customized to suit the demographics. This is unlike in the case of online marketing wherein almost anyone can see the material and targeting can be more complicated.

In sum, print is indeed far from being forgotten, as shown in the reasons that have been stated above. It offers a multitude of benefits, with the most significant of which is the fact that it’s economical.

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