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6 Tips To Optimize Social Media Profiles For Job Search

Nowadays social media accounts are considered to be not only your private space and the way of entertaining but also a great tool for finding a job. Once you realize this, your chances of getting hired will definitely increase.

However, this tool works only when you know how to use it. Creating profiles in different networks and staying online is not enough to achieve great results. You might have heard already that it is necessary to stand out and be active to get your dream job.The idea is clear, but how exactly can you do this?

This article will give you a few hints on how to optimize your social media presence for a job search.

Be Visible

First, to optimize your social presence, there should be one. Consider creating profiles on such networks as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and use it regularly.

If you have your resume published online but it wasn’t updated in a while, it might be suspicious and unattractive. It could be a good idea to use some options of top resume writing services to make your online presence visible.

Statistics states that 93% of employers check candidates’ profiles in social networks. Active and informative accounts will make you much more visible to them.

Privacy Settings

Once you get public, all the information on your profiles creates a certain image of your personality. Make sure your account sends the right message and check the privacy settings. It is possible to restrict the access for some posts and photos.

Your profile still will be searchable, but the employers will not be able to see something you do not want to show them. Do not forget that your photos should also be welcoming and formal enough to make a good impression. Pay some attention to tagged photos as well in order not to reveal some humiliating or inappropriate pictures.

Creative Bio

The bio section on social networks is often underestimated and ignored, but in fact, it is very important. Try to treat it like a concise resume that tells about your experiences, interests, and skills. It is efficient to use keywords to become more visible in search for employers.

On the other hand, it should be more casual than your resume and show a bit of your personality. Thus, it would be easier and more interesting to read.

Profiles Integration

It is a common situation when different names are used by one person for different social networks. For example, you write your real name for LinkedIn and have a nickname on Twitter or Facebook.Middle names, dialect names and others can also be used.

It will take more time for recruiters to find you. To optimize your presence in search, try to put the same name everywhere. It is also a good idea to avoid nicknames and funny names as they seem less professional.

Be Active

Your great informative profile will be found sooner if there is an activity from it. It is essential to participate in groups, comment, write a blog, express your point of you.

Networking will bring you the new connections and will prove all the information in your bio and resume. Writing that you are sociable, active and experienced is one thing, showing it with actions is another.

Google Yourself

The best way to optimize your social media for a job search is googling yourself and seeing all the info available for an employer. You will notice immediately how others perceive you and what should be updated. Except for spotting any negative content, you can also check how popular you are and on what page of a search you appear.

Do it regularly to see the changes and analyze you’re the effectiveness of your online presence!

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