The Shocking Truth About Why Students Are Unprepared To Write

The Shocking Truth About Why Students Are Unprepared To Write

The art of writing does not come upon as a natural-born gift but instead acquired from the daily experiences of people. Education aims at equipping students with life knowledge and skills such as writing to apply in the day-to-day activities that require language and information to be put down on paper.

The advantages of the power in writing remain far-fetched and not only make life more comfortable but provide an amicable solution to the ever-increasing information on earth.

Recent statistics explain the deteriorating quality in writing such as the letter of recommendation for student due to the low levels of preparedness on writing.

Pilot studies carried out in learning institutions tried to explain the reason for this statistics and how students became termed as unprepared to write. The following factors formed part of the conclusive results as to why the trend on unready writing arose as a factor to hinder student work.

a) The internet education

The educations systems that students in this current era of the century where the internet forms the core upon which everyday life revolves around getting different interpretations. The students remain encouraged to express their ideas through social media platforms and blog set up platforms for acts as learning systems. In this situation, the students do not have anyone to oversee their online activities with writing, and hence they end up staggering in their writing skills.

b) Organizational learning

The student under the lower learning institutions undergoes a phase of study where the student put more emphasis on the grammatical knowledge that writing skills. Education ends up disoriented and disorganized with few people having excellent writing skill and the more significant majority having grammatical knowledge.

The whole idea of unorganized leaning presents itself in the form of residency letter of recommendations where students have the right content for a letter, but the written material is below par.

c) Discipline

The best writer never had it handed to them on the silver platter regarding their skills, but instead, it took them both time and sweat. Presently, students remain unprepared to write due to the simple fact that they do not have the oomph to drive themselves to practice their writing abilities continuously continually.

The wrong attitude and laxity among learners encourage indiscipline in the practice of writing with individuals terming writing as a hectic and time wasteful act.

d) Common beliefs

The society at a considerable level remains guided by principles either developed by the elite in the nation or the select leaders representing the ideas of the masses. The community would be at fault for encouraging unprepared writing among students either directly or indirectly.

When students require to create and present the written letter of recommendation residency in their respective faculties, they forget that even for a practical course you would need critical writing skills.

e) University materials

The students who undergo high schools concentrate wholly on presenting their ideas on social media platforms and forget that university waits for them to have more skills. Courses in the higher learning institutions are tailored to run on the report and statement basis.

The undergraduates need to present papers on various topics to professors and through this process, unpreparedness in students to write arises. The same case highlights the small number of articles and thesis submitted get acceptance from lecturers and examiners.


These staggering statistics act as indicators on how many students remain unprepared to undertake writing procedures for their education. The whole concept of students not being ready to write in institutions needs eradication through significant investments in the education systems.

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