Digital Progress and Cloud Web Hosting Go Hand In Hand

Digital Progress and Cloud Web Hosting Go Hand In Hand

The advent of services offering web Hosting has made things simpler for e-commerce business that totally depend on their websites. Of the various services available in the market, each one has its features and characteristics.

The one that has developed a great demand in recent times, however, is Cloud Web Hosting. This brings great advantages to a user in comparison with other Hosting services, and that too at reasonable prices. Superior security is one of the vital reasons why this type is fast gaining popularity.

The concept of Cloud Hosting is basically sharing or splitting storage with other users, while also keeping a particular standard of security from the user with whom you are sharing the storage. The service also provides processing of computing hardware besides storage.

The data stored in the Cloud Web Hosting method is not limited to one server. The moment you pick this service, the data is split into different servers. This helps if the data in one of the server gets corrupt. The lost data can be recovered with the help of the remaining servers.

In fact, the separation of the information and data leaves almost zero chances of the data getting corrupt, as there is hardly any pressure on one particular server.

Another advantage of Cloud services is that it provides you Shared or Dedicated Server usage depending on your budget. Following are a few more reasons why Cloud Web Hosting becomes a lucrative option to choose from the offers available:

  • Scalable and flexible – The one thing that you should definitely get from your web Hosting service is the level of scalability. Most Cloud Hosting service providers in India promise both flexibility and scalability to the highest possible levels.
  • Full control – When you choose Cloud Web Hosting services, it gives you full control of the features and resources that you have chosen. Right from the computing hardware, to the installation of software as well as the storage of data, you will have complete visibility of every step. Not just that, you get to make changes to the settings to suit the needs of your business.
  • Remote access – You do not have to worry if sometimes you need to access your server from your workstation. Cloud services only ask for your login id and password, and then within seconds, you will have access to the data and server.
  • High security – As it has been established earlier, Cloud storage comes with robust security features, and so breaking into the server is next to impossible. Many providers give a 4-layered physical and virtual security that keeps your data out of easy reach for intruders and hackers.

Cloud services – The present and future

In your Smartphone, have you ever seen the option that asks you to get a backup done in a drive of all the sensitive data and contacts? Do you know what that drive actually is? Where does all this data get stored exactly? This drive is nothing but a simple Cloud service which is linked to your mobile phone. The Cloud service gets activated the moment you choose this option for backup. The data gets safely stored in the Cloud till the time you want your phone’s space to be free. Whenever you want the data back, you can access it through that particular application. You can even get that data through your email address.

95%people, of the total number of smartphone users living in India, have activated Cloud service. Half of them may not even know that they are using a Cloud service. The trend is fast catching up among IT companies who are making the most of this facility. Hit the search engine with the keyword Cloud Web Hosting provider, and you will find a number of firms offering this service at competitive prices. This shows the recognition of the potential of this service in scaling up online businesses.

The statistics related to Cloud Hosting, especially in India, has certainly got IT analysts thinking. The statistics show the high demand for Cloud service. With greater modifications on cards in the near future, every business will soon shift to Cloud services for data and information storage. The most important question that has been bothering service providers is whether Cloud Web Hosting has truly arrived in India. And the answer can be found in the stir that the service has created in the IT sector in recent years.

India is undoubtedly one of the countries in Asia that has led to  increasing use of Cloud Web Hosting services. The country’s estimated overall revenue from the service is over 1.7 billion USD by 2020. Which shows how essential Cloud Hosting has become in India. This has also attracted huge investments from several Cloud service providers. They have set servers in various Indian states and are expecting enormous returns on their investments. This will also help in a decline in the overall prices of this service.

While India is setting foot in the digital arena firmly, it sees a remarkable rise in Cloud Web Hosting services, naturally, because digital and Cloud are integral to each other.

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