Best Portable Photo Printers For Use With The Smart Devices

Portable photo printers are all about efficiency, convenience, and quality. These printers use the most up-to-date technology to produce some magnificent work. To add to that, most of the printers in this category are also capable of working with smart devices and this brings a lot of conveniences. In the current world ruled by technology, printers that work with smart devices are essential. The market for such photo printers is fortunately packed with various options and you will find many different models with suitable specifications. When looking for good portable photo printers for use with smart devices, the following picks are your best bet.

Canon Selphy CP1200 Wireless Compact Photo Printer

The Selphy CP1200 Canon printer is a unique product in the market. The printer is a good choice because of simplicity and functionality. It has a number of features that come with it, including an adjustable color display for easy viewing. It can produce pictures of size 4”x6” and all sizes smaller than that. This model is also quite compact and has a good design overall. It has a battery that keeps it running for a good amount of time. The printer also has all the important physical keys for editing, navigation, and zoom. This printer is great for use in the outdoors. It is fast, efficient, and comes at a good price.

Polaroid Zip Photoprinter

The Polaroid Zip Photoprinter is a well-designed photo printer that is specifically made for use with Apple, Android and other mobile devices. Its features include a rechargeable battery that lasts long enough to produce a substantial amount of prints. The printer produces photos of size 1.9”x3”. Since it uses Zink technology for printing, it is very minimalist and compact in design. The printer also comes with apps for added capability when doing wireless printing. These apps can be download from the specific platforms. The printer is dedicated to photo printing and is thus quite fast. It is a great portable printer for use with a smartphone or tablet.

Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2

The single best feature of the Instax Share SP-2 is its chemical printing feature. Photochemical printers are renowned for great quality photos and this is what you get with this particular gadget. The printer also has a good battery life, comes with an app, and has Wi-Fi connectivity. In terms of photo sizes, the printer is able to produce 1.8”x2.4” prints. One defining feature of the printer is that it is specifically made to be used with mobile phones. It is easy to use and works well with social media platforms. Because of its quality and numerous functionalities, the printer is a unique find in the market.

HP Sprocket Photo Printer

The HP Sprocket Photo Printer is a great choice for those looking for simplicity and portability. The printer is small enough to be carried around without any challenges. It features wireless printing via Bluetooth, has a minimalist design and has Zink printing technology. The printer is able to produce 2”x3” photos. You can be able to edit and customize your prints with its app. This printer is quite speedy, producing photos in under a minute. Because of its good price and portability, it is one of the best choices for a pocket printer. Since HP toner and ink is generally regarded as some of the best in the field, you can expect to develop some great quality photos.

These printer models are highly compatible with Android and iOS devices, compact in size, reliable and reasonably priced. With all that in mind, sharing precious memories with friends and family was never this easy.

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