Tips to Get More Views On Your Website

Search engine optimization plays a major rule in how many views your website receives. Because it sounds technical and isn’t a method of marketing that some are familiar with, they ignore it in the beginning. As they find out later, that’s a mistake that results in low website views. Without getting too technical, we’ll outline 12 highly effective ways to get more views on your website. Most of the tips also improve your SEO, whether directly or indirectly.

1. Learn How to Write Good Headlines

Headlines are often overlooked by new website owners. However, any copywriter will tell you that headlines are the most important part of an article because they determine whether or not someone clicks it. If the headline isn’t interesting enough to the target audience, they won’t read any further. By improving your headlines, you’ll get more views on your website because a higher percentage of people who see it in the search engines will click through.

2. Social Media Advertising

One of the quickest ways to drive traffic to your website is through social media advertising. Don’t confuse this with social media marketing. Social media advertising involves paying a social media site to advertise your social posts or an ad you’ve created. Because you’re paying for your ads to show up on others’ timelines and feeds, you’ll get views easily.

3. Use a Variety of Content Types

To keep people engaged and attract wider audience to your website, you should post a variety of content. Examples of content you can publish are infographics, important news in your industry, videos, articles, reviews, and long-form content. Accepting guest blog posts on your site is another way to get more views on your website as you’re tapping into the followers of someone else in your industry.

4. On-Page SEO

All of your website posts should be optimized for SEO. On-page SEO is the techniques you use on the website to optimize your site for search engines. This includes header tags, alt tags, internal linking, and carefully researched keywords. These SEO techniques make it easier for websites to understand what your web page is about to rank it higher in the search engines.

5. Write Content Based on Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are keywords that are niche specific and consist of three or more words. The best long tail keywords have low competition too, making them easier to rank for. Long tail keywords is a strategy that search engine optimizers have been using for years, and it isn’t diminishing in effectiveness.

6. Guest Blogging

Not only should you accept guest blog posts on your website, you should write guest blog posts too. When you guest blog on someone else’s site, their readers who are interested in reading more articles from you will click on the links included in your guest blog post. Some of them may become loyal followers of you. However, you must ensure that you only guest blog on high quality sites that don’t spam. You can hurt your SEO by associating with what Google views as low quality or spam sites.

7. Create Internal Links as You Publish New Content on Your Website

A website’s internal linking structure is a search engine ranking factor. Internal links are links on your website that lead to another page on your site. Each time you publish new content, you should think about which links to include in the content. Also link to that new post in at least one old post if possible. This technique can help your new webpage become indexed more quickly in the search engines. It also helps keep visitors on your website longer if they’re interested in a post you’ve linked to.

8. Start an Email Newsletter

Email marketing is a type of content marketing some startups ignore either because they think they should become more established first or they don’t view it as necessary. However, email marketing has a high ROI and plays an important role in visitor retention.

You don’t want visitors to land on your website once and then never again. You want them to become loyal readers. Having an email newsletter signup form on your website is a powerful way to retain these new visitors who choose to sign up. You will not have permission to send them emails in which you can link back to your website.

9. Interview Thought Leaders in Your Industry

A good tactic for increasing views on your website is to interview thought leaders in your industry. You can post the interview in text form on your blog. People who are fans of the thought leader will read the post to learn more about them and gain another helpful nugget of information. The thought leader you interview will also probably share the link on their social media sites for greater publicity. Being interviewed by others adds to their credibility, so it’s a win-win situation for both of you.

Are you worried that your site isn’t established enough for someone to agree to an interview? It’s true you may have to contact a dozen thought leaders before one is interested, but you should still develop the habit of reaching out to thought leaders while you grow your website. You may be pleasantly surprised one morning to open an email from one of them interested in being interviewed.

10. Use Responsive Website Design

Because more people conduct searches through mobile devices than desktops, you need to have responsive website design to get more views on your website. If your website isn’t responsive, mobile users will leave the page and find another site that’s easy to read on their mobile devices to answer their questions. Responsive website design causes your website to resize and adjust itself based on the visitor’s screen size and device model.

11. Improve Your Website’s Load Speed

Page load speed is a ranking factor in search engines. It also directly influences how many visitors who land on your site stay there to read the content. If your website takes a long time to load, they’ll hit the back button and move on to another site. As technology becomes more advanced and other sites have quick load times, online users have higher expectations of all websites. Your web pages should load in two seconds or less to improve the speed at which Google crawls your website and increase customer retention.

12. Comment on Other Websites

A tactic often ignored by website owners is commenting on other websites using an account linked to their website. Frequently commenting on blogs related to your niche will result in a few more views to your website. Some people become curious enough about the person behind the comment that they click on their username or profile. What you don’t want to do is leave spam comments or promote your own business on someone else’s site. Keep your comments genuine and focused on the topic of the author’s article.

In summary, implementing good SEO, publishing a variety of content, and advertising on social media will increase views on your website. Search engine optimization is one of the most important online marketing methods to master because it influences your views in numerous ways. SEO helps your web pages rank higher in the search engines. It also results in more users staying on your website instead of bouncing. Implement all of the tips listed above to get more views on your website.

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