Avenues Into Sporting Jobs

You love sports – but have you got what it takes to go pro? Getting yourself an online degree could give you the competitive edge you need – they’re flexible, cost-effective, and will give you the qualifications that you need to work in sports full-time.

Here’s how an online course can help you break into the big leagues – without overhauling your whole life.


Getting into the sports industry can be tough, but it used to be a lot tougher. That’s because getting the right qualifications used to require a lot of sacrifices, such as quitting or forgoing a day job to study for the right qualification. That’s all changed thanks to the internet – for example, you can now earn a sports management online degree from Adelphi without needing to attend classes. It’s a growing trend, with the popularity and range of online degrees increasing every year.

As distance learning requires mainly self-directed study, you can balance your online course with your current job, your family, and any other commitments that you have. You can study at night or first thing in the morning. You can also study where you like – in bed, at the library, or while watching the game on TV.

Learn at your Own Pace

Online degrees allow you to pace your course to fit your needs. Want to put in the hard yards up front and fast-track your graduation? No problem. Or maybe work’s hectic and you need to slow your studies down a little. Online courses offer the flexibility to do both – so you can tailor your study commitments to fit in with the rest of your life.

Get paid to do what you love

There’s no feeling like waking up in the morning and going to a job you love. When you earn an online degree in sports management, you’ll open up a whole world of prospects in the sports management industry. Studying for that qualification online means that you no longer have to put that dream on hold. There’s no need to uproot yourself to study in another city or to change too much in your life at all. It means that your ambitions of a fulfilling job in sports are well within your grasp.

Boost your Career Earnings

College graduates earn more than non-graduates on average – far more, in fact. Not only does gaining an online degree in sports management mean that you can do what you love, but you’ll also potentially earn a lot more while doing it.

With unemployment rates also low among college graduates, investing the time and money in an online degree course can help boost your future earnings and weather any tough economic times ahead. It’s a twofold advantage that will mean that you could end up hundreds of thousands of dollars better off over your lifetime.

Lower Fees

An online degree in sports management is a great investment in your future – not least because fees for distance courses are usually far lower than the on-campus equivalent.

Not only does an online degree mean that you can keep your current job while increasing your own earning potential, but it also means that you can do it all with a fairly modest initial investment in course fees.

Look after your Team

With an online degree in sports management under your belt, you’ll have the security and financial means to afford a better life for your loved ones. This means better educational options for your kids, better healthcare, and a better general standard of living. With many of those costs increasing (healthcare in particular), it’s a great way to ensure that you’re well prepared to take care of yourself and your family in the future.

Get recruited more easily

Some college courses have hefty entry requirements, which can prove a significant barrier for those without a history of spectacular grades. In general, online courses tend to have lower requirements for enrollment. If you’ve previously dismissed the idea of further study due to your academic record, now could be the time to reassess.

Reach your Potential

“Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.”

Tom Landry

As the great Tom Landry said, it’s not enough to simply set a goal – putting a plan in place to achieve that goal is the most crucial factor in whether you succeed or fail.

An online degree is a great way to keep challenging yourself and keep learning – and it’s a way to enact your plan of achieving your educational and career goals.

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