Importance Of Essay Writing In University Learning

Essay writing is the bane of most student’s lives. Even before they have enrolled in their chosen university, they are made to complete essay applications that will secure their place for the next three years. Students may argue that essay writing is irrelevant, especially nowadays when are much more creative ways to teach and be taught. However, there are still some important reasons as to why essay writing still has its place in the classroom.

The first, and possibly most important reason is understanding of learning materials. Essays are a fantastic way for teachers and lecturers to ‘test’ their students to ensure they have a firm understanding of the subject they are learning about. This also gives students the opportunity to give their perspective on the topic at hand, allowing them to learn, more in depth, while proving their overall knowledge.

Furthermore, essay writing helps teachers and lecturers to educate their students in the art of argument writing. With any kind of topic, especially when setting an assignment, there can always be two sides to a story. When students are composing an essay, it needs to be well organised and written with a structure. This also helps to teach students valuable life lessons such as teaching them the ability to sift through large volumes of information while picking out the parts and sections they need to prove their point.

However, with the rise of computers and the Internet, many students may not even be completing their essays. It’s now common knowledge that many students use websites, such as Best Australian Writers, to read reviews and testimonials on various custom writing services to find the best one to suit them. These custom writing services can then create essays for students in only a matter of hours. On the leading websites, these sites are giving students of all abilities the chance to get the highest grade?

The main question on everyone’s lip is how to deal with this issue. Currently, buying an essay online to be handed in for your upcoming deadline isn’t illegal or breaking any rules. However, the ethical question remains. How would you stop students buying essays online for their college hand-ins? How would you even know that they have brought one online?

Students thinking of using these websites should always remember that essay writing isn’t just about writing an impressive essay to get the highest mark, it’s to teach you valuable writing skills that will be with you for the rest of your life.

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