10 Low-Cost StartUps For College Students

10 Low-Cost StartUps For College Students

The cost of college keeps increasing, not forgetting there is need to earn more. Be it to buy the required books for that semester or merely to meet your accruing expenses. In college, you have a flexible study life which helps you balance your study and social life.

But what about adding work to the mix? At this stage in life, your biggest worry could be finding a suitable service in annotated bibliography online. You don’t have much responsibility to take on, especially if you are relying on your parents or guardians for financial aid.

If this income isn’t enough, you can start your own business at little cost. We will outline some lucrative ideas to get you started:

1. Child Caretaker

If you don’t mind looking after kids and enjoy their company, you could try this out. Many colleges have career listing sites to help connect their students with the babysitting opportunities. Also, sites such as Care.com, or SitterCity.com could be worth checking out.

They allow you to promote your services and you can also connect with the busy parents, in need of your services.

2. Tutoring

You are good at a particular subject and light up at the thought of it. Why not help those in need and make good money too? Help the students who are struggling with the subject matter of your interest.

Create webinars and offer online sessions to expand your reach.

3. Niche Blogging

You have a knack for writing and have already narrowed down your area of interest. It is a venture to make money from what you are passionate about, as you look for bibliography maker. Be patient and regularly publish to grow your audience.

Earn from ads or start doing affiliate marketing.

4. Cleaning Services

With a busy lifestyle, cleanliness may not be at the top of your to-do list. You can make a small fortune cleaning houses and apartments. Start with friends, family, university faculty then reach out to the broader community.

All you need is the necessary cleaning supplies, or the clients can provide their own at a lowered fee.

5. Event Management

If you thrive in the social scene of life in college, this could be for you. Identify the gap in the entertainment sector, within and without the school. Hone your organizational and communication skills. Understand the fundamentals of business.

Learn the different ways to create buzz among the students.

6. Thesis proofreading

Ask anyone who has had to write a thesis; it can be a stressful time. With lectures lining up, deadlines of assignments approaching and tests to prepare for, offering proofreading services are welcome. It could also be an annotated bibliography creator.

7. Personal Training

Many millennials are concerned about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. Start the mornings with yoga classes. Help your peers create and stick to a healthy eating plan. You probably won’t need cash for office space.

You may be operating from the homes of your clients.

8. Bookkeeping

You don’t need to have a finance major to get started. Basic computer navigation skills and the ability to find solutions to real-world problems will do. There is always a demand for bookkeepers by businesses.

Though, it is helpful to have basic accounting knowledge. Start with a small fee, grow your business then adjust your prices upwards.

9. Delivery Service

With busy schedules, people are willing to pay someone to run their errands. It could be shopping for their groceries, or delivering takeout. It is ideal in areas where there are no delivery services or few of them.

Create a website, where others can make their orders. Save the receipts and charge customers upon delivery.

10. Website Design

We are living in a digital era, and yet many businesses don’t have websites, yet. Learn HTML and CSS. And provide the much-needed services. You can start with open source platforms such as WordPress.


The cost of living keeps increasing, and so is, the need to earn more. As a college student, you can make good use of your free time by starting a business. The above examples will get you started.

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