The Student's Year: A College Calendar

The Student’s Year: A College Calendar

Whether you’re going to be a fresher for the first time in September, or you’re deep in a Masters Degree already, it’s worth thinking ahead a little for the future. Knowing what’s coming up in your year lets you plan your time and try to avoid getting stuck crunching through the high word count of innumerable essays when you’re trying to enjoy a busy social calendar, or clear the decks and let you focus on an important academic project when you really need to, to avoid breaking commitments and a spiralling FOMO.

Today we’re taking a look at a year in University to see the high points, the low points and help you make your plans.


One of the busiest times of the student year: the start of it.

If you’re a first year, this really is one of the most important times of your life. You’re establishing a whole new identity, making new friends and getting up to speed with a new style of education where you are responsible for far more of your own progress and studies. Even if you’ve been at the same university for many years, though, this is still a hectic time.

Highlights include meetings for clubs and societies to find new members, which is a great chance to start finding your friendship groups, the parties and socials laid on by the student union, halls of residence and local clubs and bars. There’s also the Freshers’ Fair to look forward to: a chance for local businesses to woo students with offers, competitions and giveaways and capture a share of the student pound. From local takeaways and clothing stores, to more unexpected offerings like uni student storage you might be surprised at the deals you can get!


Another socially busy time with students pulled in two directions. There are social delights to enjoy, whether that’s a Christmas party, a play or a carol concert (or absolutely everything), and also essays to turn in and exams on your first semester’s work. Make sure you pick and choose, giving you time to enjoy the most important bits of the season, without neglecting your academic needs.

Spring Term

Returning after Christmas often sees students buckling down with renewed seriousness. The fun and games before the holidays leaves people feeling like they need to make up time, and January is regularly a collective hangover, with people vowing to be healthier, work harder and budget better.

This is a great time to double down on work and establish yourself as a student with something to say and something to give because before you know it, it’ll be…

The Summer Term

As the weather improves parties begin to sprout across campus like flowers. Whether it’s official affairs like the Summer Balls organised by various clubs and societies to give their members a chance to dress up and show off, or less formal barbeques in parks and back gardens, wherever students live, people are just delighted to be outside in the sun, so make sure you’re punctilious about chaining yourself to a desk in the library when you need to!

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