Technology and Its Impact On Business In 2017

If we were to truly name each and every way in which technology is affecting modern business, the list would be far too long and probably still incomplete. After all, almost every aspect of nearly every business out there is benefiting from some sort of technological innovation or the other. Nevertheless, it is still possible to single out and focus on a select few subjects that are currently impacting, or will impact, business in 2017 and beyond.

Artificial Intelligence

We seldom realise it, but artificial intelligence is working all around us and it’s more than just Siri or Google Assistant. Complex AI systems are already in place from companies like Amazon and Google to predict customer/user behaviour, spending patterns, browsing patterns, needs, hobbies and much more. This is made possible due to the virtually endless pool of data that is being fed into these AI systems from our browsing history, search history and, of course, our activities on social media. The machine learning capabilities of these programs allow them to learn more about us with the help of this data and as time goes on, they will be making more and more accurate predictions regarding what a particular individual is looking for or will like to be notified of. As you can imagine, this will have a tremendous impact on business in the coming years, starting with 2017.

Visual Content

The impact of visual content has never been as varied, impactful and important for businesses as it is now. Expert visual content creators like Spiel Creative are putting out engaging content for their clients that completely eliminate the need for the target audience to read boring heavy text. Animations, videos and pictures have become self-explanatory, concise and yet significantly more impressive at the same time. Through the use of modern visual content, businesses are now able to engage and impress their target crowd at a considerably higher rate than before, especially on social media.

Virtual Reality

Every time someone mentions VR, we are instantly reminded of video games and that’s alright because the gaming industry is truly the number one consumer market for VR technology at the moment. Apart from the potential to change the entire gaming industry forever, there are also other ways in which virtual reality could start impacting other sectors by the end of 2017.

The heart of virtual reality lies in the immersive experience that it delivers to the user and that’s exactly why tourism, healthcare and even communications have so much to gain from VR. To get an idea of what we are talking about here, consider the fact that Finnish startup Varjo Technologies is claiming that they can come up with a VR system by the end of the year, which will be 70 times more detailed than the Oculus Rift and almost as close to true human vision as possible.

As mentioned earlier, it is quite impossible to list all the ways in which modern tech is affecting business and more so because there is no definite way to know what new technology will be playing a key role a month down the line. But that’s the thing about tech; you will have to stay updated on a daily basis to remain on top of things.

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