Most Useless Graduate Degrees Of 2017

Everyone is talking about the best college degrees of the 207 which are important to have to be successful in this era. But sometimes it’s better to know about the negative side of it. That is why being a professional blogger and writer I decided to write an article in which I am going to tell you about those college degrees which you should not get in the year 2017.

It is important to know the both sides of the stories every time when you read about the education. That is why it is important to know from which degrees in the college you should never get enrolled in.

Following are those degrees from which you should keep miles away.

Degree in Criminal Justice and Fire Protection:

Yes! There is a separate degree for the criminal justice and fire protection, and there are thousands of fool every year who enrolled in this degree. Statistically, the experienced degree holder earns only 19% more than a student who recently got his college degree. The overall unemployment rate is also 18% lower which is very disappointing for the students who are enrolled in the degree. They also earn only $63,000 a year as average.

Communications and Mass Media:

The degree in the Communications and Mass Media is a lot of deal with the skills and the talents. That is why the degree in this field is not as important as the skills and experience. That is why there is no significant difference in the earning of the degree holder and non-degree holder. An experienced college degree holder only earns 19% more than the fresh college grads. The unemployment rate is also as low as 16%. Moreover, the experienced college grads make $63,000 a year at an average while getting experience this pay raise to $75,000 a year on average.

Civil Engineering:

Civil Engineering is one of the toughest jobs in the world because it is the field job in which you have to invest your sweat as well. By comparing to the college graduate, the experienced graduate degree holders earn 14% more, and the unemployment rate is 18% lower. Moreover, the experienced college grads of Civil Engineering make $91,000 a year an average as compared to the $104,000 a year on average for those who have experienced graduate degree holders. However, the 4% of experienced college grads are unemployed, and 3.2% of experienced graduate degree are unemployed.

Social Work:

If you are going to take admission in this degree program, then prepare yourself to get history dissertation help from academic writing companies because this degree involved a lot of writing about societies. Though the amount of effort required to get this degree is not worth it. An experienced graduate degree holder earns only 9% more than a college graduate. Moreover, the unemployment rate is also very high which is 22%. To keep you stay away from this degree, let me tell you that the average yearly earning of the experienced college grads is only $44,000 and even the experienced graduate degree holders only earn $12,000 more than them. Moreover, 5% of experienced college grads are unemployed, and 3.9% of experienced graduate degree holders are unemployed.

Commercial Art and Graphic Design:

Another degree program which requires skills and talents even complete the degree and getting the job. Art is something which men born with then develop through practice and proper guidance. Apart from the jobs, people are also using these skills for earning freelancing and independently with the help of freelancing websites. That is why the performance of the college graduates is not as good as this degree has the potential. On average, the experienced degree holder earns 16% more than a college graduate, and the unemployment rate is as lower as 10% annually. The experience in this degree is very important. That is why the earning of the experienced graphic designing degree holder is much more than the fresher. The experienced college grads earn an average of $56,000 a year than the $65,000 which earned by the experienced graduate degree holders per year. Because a lot of graphic designers choose to work freelance, that is why the unemployment rate is high for this degree holder holders. 7.1% of college grads are unemployed.

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