Lloyd Claycomb – How To Become A CEO

Dreams are not easy to achieve but there is always value in trying your best to go and get them, after all, if dreams were easy to turn into a reality then everyone would be doing it. One such dream which many people have is to one day become the chief executive officer of a large business, making big decisions every day that affects hundreds of thousands of people, managing the fortunes of a huge company and commanding eye watering salaries, it is pretty easy to see why so many people would have a dream to one day rise to the position which the likes of Lloyd Claycomb hold. Every dream is reachable however and if yours is to become a CEO then here is how to go about it.

Do It Yourself

One option which is probably the easiest in terms of the length of time which you will commit to the pursuit of the role is to create your own product and start your own business. People like Mark Zuckerberg and Evan Spiegel are perfect examples of the types of people who have gone out on their own, created a multi-million dollar company and then headed up the business themselves. If you happen to stumble upon an idea that can take the world by storm then this is probably the easiest rout to become a CEO.


If you do not have an idea which can change the world then you will have to climb the ladder of success in business. In order toggle yourself the best possible opportunity, you need to have the attitude of a leader, long before you are given the chance to be one.


If you want to be considered as a candidate to one day become the chief executive officer of a company then you are going to need to create a near-perfect track record of success in everything that you turn your hand to.


There is a notion that CEOs must be dragon-like and demanding with draconian standards and a mean approach. This could actually not be further from the truth and if you want to climb the company ranks then you need to be humble and friendly and have a natural ability to network with people both above and below you. If you fail to make friends on the way up then you can not expect to stay at the top for long and when it comes to being voted to head up a board, you will need as many friends as you can get.

Forward Thinking

When CEOs are hired, it is not to keep things nice and steady, it is usually to fix the company or to move it forward and if you want to perform in this position then you will need to have a forward thinking and creative approach to business and always have one eye on the future.

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