When To Seek Medical Attention: A Guide

In our youth, we thought we would be healthy well into our old age. Unfortunately, this often doesn’t come to pass as we all find out over the years.

John Bradberry is alarmed by the complacency of many members of the public. Whenever people feel especially unwell, he urges them to seek medical attention rather than trying to channel their inner John Wayne.

Below, we’ll list off symptoms that should get you to strongly consider heading to the hospital.

1) You can’t stop puking

You had no idea how old your leftovers were – now you are wishing you dated your Tupperware dishes, as the toilet bowl has been your constant companion since you woke up in a rush at 3 am.

Unfortunately, 3 am was 2 hours ago, but your insides won’t stop spewing out.

Can’t stop vomiting, no matter how hard to try to will it? This is a symptom a trained doctor needs to see as soon as humanly possible.

When you vomit continually, dehydration becomes a concern, since keeping water down in your state is not really possible – that’s bad. Food poisoning can have dire consequences if it is not dealt with promptly, and only hospital staff can see how imperiled you truly are.

Once they evaluate you, they will be able to treat you so that so the vomiting will stop, and that the virus/bacteria behind your illness can be defeated.

2) You have a history of asthma and/or allergies

Asthma or allergies may not seem like an occasion to head to the doctor once you’ve been diagnosed. While your attacks aren’t exactly a picnic, you have all the meds and the puffers needed to get the job done, so why should you bother heading to your physician’s office?

There is an inherent danger with having these conditions, and it has nothing to do with your often constricted airways. The development of a bacterial or viral infection is an insidious threat that may go unnoticed by you, as their signs may appear to be your chronic illness kicking up a bigger fuss than usual.

Don’t dismiss severe symptoms, as this could put your life in danger. If they are happening to you, head to an urgent care facility – your loved ones will thank you for taking prudent action on your own behalf.

3) You are having a hard time breathing easy

This might seem like a prima facie situation that doesn’t warrant further discussion. However, there is a chance you might write it off as something you already suffer from, and in doing do, you might think it will right itself in time.

If it gets worse, though, you might lose your life. Last time we checked, you need oxygen to function – if your passages keep closing up, you might not be able to help yourself for much longer.

Do you seem a lot more congested than what your average chest cold would inflict on you? Inhaler not having much of an effect on your airway? Get to a medical facility right away.

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