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In Depth Guide To The Best Job-Search Platforms

Job-searching apps make the job hunt so much easier. Applicants can sign up for alerts when recruiters post new position in your industry so that you can submit your CV straight from your device once you see the alert. For instance, such online job boards as Monster and CareerBuilder have been around for years.

No matter what your career goals, needs, and expectations are, these job search websites selected by ResumArea can help all job seekers polish their job search strategy.

Jobs on Facebook

Facebook has been known for being a social network to connect with friends and relatives, but in reality, it’s more than just a social place. It also has a large jobs board that can be useful for job hunters. You can find the link to the Jobs section on the left column of the Facebook home page, which is below the Explore section. There is also a Facebook mobile app, which is easy to download from iTunes for iPhone or Google Play for Androids.

If you are an active job seeker and would like to be among the first applicants for the position that appeals to you, go ahead and tap the Apply Now button as long as you see one. This button will take you to the Facebook page of the recruiter who posted it. Then, click Apply Now again and see how the information about your education and work history that you’ve made public pops up.

More than that, you are allowed to introduce yourself using a text box in up to 1,000 characters. After you click Send, your application will be forwarded to the recruiter as a Facebook message.

LinkedIn Jobs

Same as Facebook, LinkedIn is not only a networking website but it also has a job-searching app called LinkedIn Job Search. You may also find a jobs link on the header of your profile. After you press this icon, you will be sent to a page with different jobs. These positions are chosen by the app automatically based on your work experience mentioned on LinkedIn and depending on the companies in which you have contacts. This technique makes this website a leader in working your connections and networking.

In case you are looking for a new job at the moment and want to let the employers know you are on the market, check a box below the Update Preferences tab. A small text box for no more than 300 characters will open to let you write a short introduction explaining what you are pursuing. A great benefit is that this feature is private, so nobody from your public connections will see your messages and engaging with employers.

The only drawback of this app is that it can’t identify all the employers affiliated with your current company, so it can’t guarantee your present recruiters won’t see that you’re open.

Jobs on Glassdoor

This job-hunting app is a great opportunity to search for new positions based on salary, job title, location, and company size. This way you can scan through thousands of job postings in order to find the most suitable openings. Have you already found a desirable position there? Go ahead and apply directly from your device.

In addition to standard features, Glassdoor offers you to use the reviews of a certain company by former and current employees, which can be extremely helpful when making the decision whether a particular company will be a good fit for you.

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