How to Write a Dissertation in One Month

How to Write a Dissertation in One Month

For some students, dissertation writing is an enormous task that can take a long time to complete. Most people delay in writing their papers and don’t invest enough time for writing.

However, you can write them within a period of one month depending on your topic and level of preparation. Here are tips on how to accomplish this”

No Email for 30 Days

For you to achieve this, you need to put an automatic message in your email which states that you will be occupied the whole month. This is because you are devoting yourself to completing the dissertation.

On top of that, in a case of any emergency, request the senders to contact you via phone. This automatic message is equivalent to a ‘Do Not Disturb Sign,’ which will dissuade most people from bothering you without any just cause. Remember not to include your phone number in the email. For those who have it, they can contact you. For those who don’t, too bad.

Decide On the Ideal Workplace

Which conditions are essential for you to be at your best and produce a proper dissertation? What time of the day are you the most productive? In what type of work environment are you at ease with? Can you write the dissertation while on a desk?

If you don’t live alone, will it be possible for you to secure a room for one month? It’s critical that you have your space so that you can work. It doesn’t have to be at home. Whichever place you select, ensure that all the materials you require are present at all times. You’ll be wasting valuable time by getting up now and then to get what you require. Your space should always be in order. We recommend that you acquire a desk and chair for you to work properly.

Come Up With a Work Routine

Create a schedule that indicates the time that you’ll devote to writing and ensure that you stick to it. If you plan properly, nothing should mess with your schedule.

Before retiring to bed, you should know what you’re going to do the following day.

Have a Plan to Deal with Roadblocks to Writing

We all experience moments when there’s no flow of words. This mostly leads to frustration, our confidence levels dropping and insecurity.

These moments are unavoidable. It is therefore vital for us to have a strategy to overcome these mental blocks when they occur. You can either go for a run, call someone to cheer you up or even listen to some music. Ensure that you do something that will get your confidence levels up

Update Your Progress Regularly In a Blog

It’s critical that you keep your project supervisor, committee members and others updated about your progress. Writing a blog is one excellent method of summarizing your accomplishments to a large audience.

This will also encourage you to continue working hard so that you have something to talk about. A blog ensures that all those involved can access your updated work, and also allows them with to provide immediate feedback and answers to any questions you may have asked. Furthermore, the blog can provide a backup of your work in case something unfortunate happens.

Ask For Help

You might discover that many people want to offer their help in one way or another. We recommend that you accept their assistance. There are several ways in which other people can help you. However, you should keep in mind that unless your friends or relatives have ever written a dissertation, they most likely have no idea on how to properly help you or the ideal questions to ask.

Nevertheless, be assured that most of them without a shadow of a doubt do want to lend a helping hand. It might not be concerning matters dealing with dissertation writing, but other avenues that will enable you to overcome various hurdles and be comfortable while writing. Ways in which your loved ones can offer help include:

  • Alphabetizing the bibliography
  • Formatting figures
  • Editing the whole document
  • Household chores like cleaning, cooking, paying bills among others.

Work Smart

All in all, you need to work smart while at the same time work hard. For instance, you can utilize various components of your dissertation proposal in the final writing. You can copy items like the title, abstract, introduction, methods, and hypotheses from your proposal to the final dissertation.

This will eventually reduce your workload. You can also reuse all your citations and add the reference page to the end of your final paper while adding any extra sources. This way, you will only be remaining with the results and discussion sections.


The above are just but some of the ways that can assist you to write a dissertation within a one month period. Further tips for dissertation writing include:

  • Choose a suitable topic that you are well conversant with.
  • Have an outline that will make your work easier.
  • Have a set timeframe for your work.
  • After completion, make sure you proofread your dissertation.
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