Top 5 Starting Salaried Medical Jobs

A degree in medicine is invaluable in this day and age. After medical school, you are looking at a bright future in whichever career path you choose. The top starting salaried medical jobs span a wide range of disciplines and fields.


Physicians are widely regarded as the basis of medicine. Stationed in some of the nation’s premier hospitals, physicians are the frontline for other doctors. Because you see patients on a daily basis, these jobs pay extremely well. Essential skills include constant communication and transparency with patients. Your salary is largely dependent on the hospital you work for, although it is hard to wrong in this category.


While many nurses begin their careers from nursing school, this is not an official prerequisite. After medical school, you can pursue nursing in conjunction with other medical professions. Nurses are paid according to the accompanying doctor, and most of the time, this is very well. There are various degrees of nursing that range from part time to full time occupations. A career in the medical field is rewarding in a myriad of aspects, and nursing is no exception. There are various options to pursue nursing and you might even consider taking an online msn degree to get yourself started on the right path.


Medical schools are always looking for professors to teach introductory courses. If you have experience in the field of education, you will be a perfect fit for this job. Teaching is a rewarding occupation that comes with a decent salary as well. Unlike other similar jobs, your starting salary can be massive. Professors who manage to publish in scholarly journals and respected media outlets are eligible for further raises.


Full time researchers make enormous yearly salaries. However, be aware that this is an intensive job that requires long hours of work in laboratories. You will be dealing with state of the art equipment and technology that is on the frontier of the industry. Your products and materials are up to the discretion of supervisors, so you need to be well versed in all aspects of medicine.


Contrary to popular belief, therapists are some of the highest paying medical occupations. Because they can specialize to a large degree, their services are desperately sought after. Therapists can either work independently or in shared clinics with other doctors, so there is a lot of freedom in this department.

When choosing your job after medical school, salary is rightfully one of the largest factors. Once you are aware of the different options, you can make an informed decision and find the best path. Be open minded as you may have connections who can get you jobs with great starting salaries or even healthcare recruiters might be after your services. Just be careful as sometimes these decisions will can make or break your career.

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