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How To Stay Creative As A Web Designer

Aside from the technical part of web designing, the backbone of every good design is the creativity that stands out. Being creative occasionally, when inspiration kicks in is a blast, but to remain creative just for the sake of a job can be quite daunting. Staying creative in a field that is constantly developing is a great challenge, and being aware of the ever happening changes may keep you ahead of the curve. The good thing about creativity is that it can be learned, and it can be exercised. Yes, just like the muscle.

Daily update on new trends

Trends in design and technology are changing these days at breakneck speed, so keeping up to date is a must. This means that in your daily routine there should be some time devoted only to reading and learning. Since they are a useful source of information, read web design literature, visit blogs and web design forums. It can only do you good in keeping the pace with upcoming ideas, as well as getting the inspiration.

Unclutter working space

This is not a feng-shui thing, it is simple tidying up. Being chaotic is an actually romanticized version of being creative, and it doesn’t really work in a long way. What does seem to work is a clean desk and organized files on your desktop. Some bright colors pieces around you, or even flowers,  can only help to get you in the good mood for work.

Challenge yourself

Take projects that are more demanding and slightly above your skills, just for the sake of motivation. Being challenged, but in a way that is not discouraging, can only stimulate inner creativity to burst. Besides the fact that it will make you improve your skills and knowledge, it will boost your confidence. Challenge yourself, but make sure you don’t go too far because the pile of demanding work can be agonizing.

Freshen up your lifestyle

People are the creatures of habit, and having a daily routine is mainly a good thing. However, sometimes breaking the routine can be really productive in terms of simple refreshment. Do something new and different, whether it is meeting a new people or listening to different music. Try to include a new habit of exercising. Healthy habits such as being physically active can seriously improve creativity flow.

Take snaps

Everyone is doing it nowadays, but here is a different approach. Whatever there is that caught your eye, make sure to take a photo of it, for it may be of great use in days to come. The surrounding is full of shapes and textures that may trigger inspiration, so it could be helpful to have those in some folder marked for rainy days of creativity.

Join the community

Freelancing as a web designer can put you in a lonely place, so make sure to join others on the web. Not only you will be able to get feedback on your work, but it will keep you in touch with the ongoing ideas and trends that are taking place. According to Nirmal, a reliable web design agency, a little praise from your colleagues, or even some critique, can be an incredible creativity booster.


Read books and make it a habit. Books are a great tool for expanding mind and vocabulary, and by reading you are making pathways for creativity. Entertaining your mind with other people’s ideas can only storm out some of your own.


Staying creative does put a certain pressure when working in a creative business, but it doesn’t necessarily have to wear you down. If you were creative once, you can be like that again, only this time it can be a continuous flow of creativity. As mentioned above, it is like a muscle. With taking these tips into consideration, and some additional effort, once you learn and master the skill of being creative, your design will stand out.

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