Must Have Personal Healthcare Gadgets

Must Have Personal Healthcare Gadgets

The world is full of gadgets you do not know of. The companies are competing in creating products best suited for different purposes, some of which is healthcare. While there is a wide range of products dedicated to a healthy diet, fitness, allergies etc. this article is focusing on some of the more serious issues and the ways technology can help you stay on top of them.

Keep track of your blood pressure

Certain conditions require constant monitoring. This can be particularly difficult if you spend a lot of time on the road. While the technology for measuring your blood pressure has been developing with satisfying results for some time now, it has never been this advanced, easy to use, and light to carry. We now have smart devices available, which not only allow us to measure the blood pressure, keep records and follow trends, but they also can be connected to an iPhone or a smartphone through an app which can forward the data to your physician. Some of such devices available are Omron Evolve, Withings Blood Pressure which also keeps track of your heart rate and your steps, and AMI Bolt which also measures your vitals, body temperature, and oxygen levels.

For diabetics

Diabetes is yet another condition which requires constant attention. This is why it is crucial for the devices monitoring the glucose level, not only to be able to give you precise results but to keep track of the daily levels for you. Following the current trends in technology, the small-in-size, easy to use glucometers now available are made as phone gadgets controlled through an app. You simply plug them into your phone, insert a test strip and wait for your results. Two of such devices are iHealth’s Smart Gluco-Monitoring System and iBGStar Blood Glucose Meter.

Mind your heart

Heart conditions, same as the above, need to be monitored. You do not have to waste your time and fit your doctor’s appointments into your holiday schedule. There are gadgets available which can track your heart health and inform the doctor about it. AliveCor EKG monitor is paired with Kardia mobile app and it makes notes on your heart’s health for you. You can get more on this subject from BodyGardian Heart which will inspect your heart and your vitals and inform whoever you need to be informed about it.

Relieve pain

Being able to relieve pain without the use of drugs is generally sought after. Those who spend a lot of hours on the go understand the importance of being able to do it anywhere, anytime and quickly. This is particularly important for people with rheumatic pain and arthritis. You can get such relief from The Instant Hot or Cold Pain Relief Wand, best suited for muscle and joint pain. Another alternative is a TechCare Massager Touch 24 Modes which stimulates nerve fibers to stop the pain.

Relieve stress

Stress is the disease of the modern day society. As much as we would like to, we often fail to recognize it and treat it as such. You can now effectively measure your stress levels and do your best to reduce it. One of the helpful devices available on the market is a PIP device which not only tells you how stressed out you are through a phone app, but it gives you a feedback and helps you relax.

Keep your mouth clean

Oral hygiene is very specific for one reason, it is visible. People will rarely judge you for having high blood pressure, they will judge you for having bad teeth. While Pharmaceutical companies have invested a lot into making the right toothpaste, the technology has also played an important part. We now have state-of-the-art toothbrushes available which not only brush our teeth for us, but they also monitor our habits, how often we do it and how much time we spend on it. A new age choice for an electronic toothbrush is Kolibree which connects to your phone to provide feedback on your habits. You can use it with a Countertop UV Toothbrush Sanitizer to keep it clean, and a GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device to complete the job that the toothbrush has started and give yourself a look of a movie star.

These little pieces of technology will help you retain the same lifestyle you had before your condition. By using these you will be free to travel, participate in different activities, socialize and enjoy life.

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