Blogging 101: Maximizing your Monetization (and How to Activate Windows 10)

It’s not only important to put the payable links in your post but to know how and when.

If you are posting some form of advertising in every single post and it’s perfectly clear that’s what you are doing, who will want to be loyal to follow you? Yes, most of the time bloggers will have some form of advertising in each post and you would never know it. It takes experience to know how to do this. Don’t get me wrong. We are not trying to “trick” you into clicking on something. We are just getting the message across with out being so “in your face” with the advertising.

For Example:

If I post about a new coupon code for Crocs I have several ways to turn this into a profitable opportunity. Will it result in income? Who knows. Would you ever really think anything of it? Probably not. The point I am trying to make is I am hear to inform you of a great deal I found period. The chance to make some lunch money off my time is a sweet bonus.

When linking images to your post always be sure to include the corresponding affiliate link. Most people are visual and will quick a picture before they will a link.

When applicable ad personal experience or brand-relationship to the post containing the affiliate links. Like I said before you don’t want the ads to look like ads. That’s what Google Adsense is for. Make sure you read the disclaimers about placing the advertisement up. Can you ad your own graphics? Are text links band?

Blogs load faster the less images, animated grphics or java scripts you have. Consider this when you adding such ads to your blog. The faster your page loads the more likly Google is to bump you up in the search results.

Bottom line with any advertisement you place on your blog be it in a post or sidebar, you must ask yourself “How will the readers perceive this?” ” Is it helpful, enjoyable or annoying.”

It is also crucial to minimise your blogging costs. A program I can across is Microsoft Toolkit.

Microsoft Toolkit is a computer program that permits to use Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office for free. Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.7 helps you to manage, deploy, license and activate all Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office programs as well. We can describe it as the Office Toolkit that can use for any Windows computer for free of charge.

Mainly, this toolkit provides a great support to all editions of Microsoft Windows such as Windows 10, Windows 8 and 8.1, and Windows 7.

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