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7 Ways To Boost Your Writing English

Some people find it daunting to write in English. However, the ability to communicate effectively is right for your grades and professional life. You cannot pass across a message if you don’t know how to write well in your thesis, or email to your colleagues.

It doesn’t matter if English isn’t your native language. You can still perfect your skills both written and speaking, with practice. The list below outlines ways to boost your written English. If you put them into practice, be ready to say goodbye to the dread of having to seek Canadian essay writer, when you need to write something down.

1. Read some more

By reading, you don’t have to limit yourself to studying sentence clauses or syntax. Pick a book that piques your interest; it could be an English version of your favorite novel. It can be a magazine on fashion, sports, etc.

As you read, your subconscious will pick things up. From vocabulary, sentence structures, phrases, you name it. You can improve your writing skills by getting a cup of coffee and reading that book you like.

Diversify the material you read and do it regularly.

2. Get a Writing Partner

We sometimes perform better in a group context. Though writing is a solitary activity, you can still gain more by finding a writing partner. Some other student may also be working towards becoming a better writer.

They could have also been using a custom essay writing service. Get feedback on your work. A partner will help you identify the errors you may have overlooked.

3. Expand your Vocabulary

To be a successful writer, you need to widen your vocabulary. It, however, doesn’t imply that you use overly complicated or large words. You will lose the reader. Choose vocabulary that matches the target audience.

Know how to distinguish between overbearing and intelligently selected words. Learn new words on a daily basis. Look for the meaning of the new words you come across and try to incorporate them into your day to day vocabulary.

4. Practice

In many skills, including writing, practice makes perfect. Purpose to write daily or regularly. You can get yourself a journal where you jot down your daily encounters. Start a blog or post on social media, in English.

Don’t bother yourself with the quality of the written material. Most first drafts are usually crap. Once you exhaust the flow of ideas, takes some time off before making a second draft from the first one.

5. Copy the Writers you admire

Copy doesn’t mean that you plagiarize material, NO. As you read, you will develop an interest towards specific content or particular writers. It happens. Observe what the writers of the works you love, do.

Try doing the same things. If they spice up their articles with humor, try it. What aspects of their work do you admire? Find out what makes the writing of your favorite writers appealing and imitate them as you write. With time, it will help you develop your writing style.

6. Know the Basics

The principles that govern writing will guide you through the journey of improving your written English. Get to understand the basics of spelling and grammar. Familiarize yourself with the correct use of grammar.

Numerous resources could aid you in this. Use the available online resources, e.g., Merriam Webster, or Grammar Girl. Get yourself a copy of the book by Strunk and White, on, “The Elements of Style.”

7. Always start with an outline

Sometimes an essay assignment gives you the jitters as you don’t know where to start. You even contemplate buying an essays, before you even start writing. Having an outline will act as a roadmap. It doesn’t have to be complicated; a simple framework could do.

Outline the appearance of the document and its sections. Add a few sentences, describing what the parts should include. I often write this way. It keeps the ideas flowing, especially when I have little clue of where and how to start on a topic.


If you want to be a better writer, get started on the above tips. Don’t give up just yet, with patience and practice, and you will get better.

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