How Long Has It Been Since You Have Upgraded Your Video Conferencing System?

How Long Has It Been Since You Have Upgraded Your Video Conferencing System?

Call conferencing technology is advancing on a daily basis, and at any given time, there are new and amazing devices on the market. As a business, you know how video conferencing can revolutionize your client relationships and make meetings with your staff much convenient. The question then comes, how do you know your video conferencing technology is slowly becoming outdated and you need to replace it?

Below are some clues that it may be time to part ways with your current conferencing system and invest in a new one.

Your Old Audio Conferencing System Works Better

All of us know that video conferencing is superior to audio conferencing. However, when you see your team reverting to using the old audio conferencing solutions due to convenience or quality of service, just know your video conferencing doesn’t play its part. Video conferencing captures the visual aspect as well as facial expressions which are tremendously important in conveying information.

Using an audio conferencing system means forfeiting all these advantages. Usually, video conferencing facilities that require replacement may behave irregularly and drop calls, freeze calls, and momentarily cut out calls.

Video Conferencing Confined in Rooms

Does your company restrict video conferencing usage to VIPs or a limited number of rooms? If yes, then you could be operating some relatively old call conferencing facilities. Upgrading to today’s SaaS-delivered video conferencing solutions can help you to use almost any network and with any device including tablets, mobile phones, laptops, and desktops. Additionally, you can enjoy access to video conferencing as long as you have a connected device and a webcam. No longer will you be restricted to individual rooms for call conferencing. Newer video conferencing solutions are much lighter, and they do not test your network as much.

No High Definition Imagery

For you to maximize the benefit of video communication, having high definition imagery is a must. Most users including your clients are now accustomed to viewing in HD on their computer screens, televisions, tablets, mobile phones, and virtually any other screened device. Therefore, running your video conferencing on standard quality video affects the user experience and the collaboration and communication value is affected. If it is impossible for you to distinguish physical expressions through video image, you should consider upgrading to a system that will give you face-to-face and more realistic video conferencing experiences.

Multiple Participants Interrupt Streaming Quality

The beauty of call conferencing is that it can support multiple participants. However, if your video conferencing solution necessitates that you cram everyone together in the same video frame, then it is time you shopped around for a more flexible and higher performing solution. Ideally, your video conferencing facility should be able to support anything from five participants and above in the same call without interfering with the video streaming quality.

If you are wondering where you can find such flexible and high performing video conferencing equipment, try the Video Conference Store.  With a quality and scalable video technology, you can improve your bottom line and address your customers’ concerns.

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