4 Types Of Marketing That Your Business Should Be Actively Engaged In

4 Types Of Marketing That Your Business Should Be Actively Engaged In

In 2017, entrepreneurship is more popular than ever before. So many people are passionate about the idea of running their own small business. Unfortunately, many small business owners forgo the experience of creating a strong marketing plan. If you don’t have a marketing plan, you won’t have sales. People have to know about your product or service in order to purchase it. As a result, it’s wise to strongly consider the implementation of solid marketing tactics. Consider these four types of marketing that your business should be actively engaged in.

Email Marketing

There are various forms of digital marketing you can use. However, email marketing is probably the most important. When you keep an active email list, you’ll have direct access to them. You don’t have to worry about a glitch happening where your social media account is deleted. You won’t have to worry about a platform blocking or censoring you. Your email list is an entity you own. You’re able to create content within your marketing newsletters that will build a relationship with your customers and encourage them to become repeat buyers. Plus, most people are pretty consistent when it comes to checking their emails. It can be the strategy with the greatest response and high ROI.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an excellent way to engage with your audience and grow your customer base. First, it’s best to look at your target market and decide where they’d probably hang out. If your audience consists of people who are middle-aged, you’ll probably want to have a stronger presence on Facebook. If your audience is comprised of witty readers, Twitter is the best place to be. If the Millennial generation is your audience, places like Snapchat and Instagram are the best places to hang out. Either way, you’ll want to develop a strong presence on one or more of these platforms as social media can be used in a powerful way to galvanize a community together and make sales.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is the use of text, voice and graphic messages to get the message across. Many companies will run campaigns once they have permission to contact you via phone and send messages and/or reminders of the sales, specials and updates going on within their business. Mobile marketing is effective because most people have a smartphone and keep it with them at all times. So, the chances of getting views on your mobile message are higher. You can also try the option of phone calls via a Utah call center or one that may be more local to you. Call services help from generating leads, dealing with customer service and managing the telemarketing piece of it all.

Evangelism Marketing

Evangelism marketing is especially effective because it involves the word-of-mouth referral. Think about whenever you’ve experienced an incredible experience or customer service. If you found an excellent hairdresser and left the salon looking amazing, most people would ask about who did your hair. The word-of-mouth referral is great because it shows credibility. If someone took time to try the product and advocates for it to others, the testimonial will be a strong selling point for people to go ahead and try. This is the reason why sites like YouTube and Yelp do so well. People love hearing a good review and learning from the experiences of others.

These four types of marketing are very potent and hold the opportunity to catapult your business to the next level. However, you’ve got to make sure you tailor each marketing strategy to fit your business down to the letter. There’s nothing worse than watching competing companies copy one another. Starbucks has its own marketing technique and so does Apple. They blazed their own trail to the point where the consumer won’t even realize when they’re being sold on something. Do your research and don’t be afraid to try and fail. Over time, you’ll figure out how to make these methods work for you.

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