How Your Small Business Can Work To Impress Large Crowds

Small businesses must compete against even the largest corporations to gain an edge in an increasingly sophisticated market. While it may seem daunting for small businesses to go up against the extensive marketing resources of their corporate competitors, there are several strategies for small businesses to have large-scale appeal. The best campaigns for smaller enterprises will be community-based and targeted directly to relevant shareholders.

Cause Marketing Campaigns

If your company provides a saleable product or a fee-for-service model, you may be an excellent fit for a cause marketing campaign. Unlike purely charitable contributions, cause marketing partners with an organization to leverage their brand as a way to drive sales for your company. Typically, this involves donating an earmark sales to the organization.

Every industry is different, but, as a rule of thumb, your small business should partner with a local organization with a broad-based service and no extreme religious or political affiliation. Children’s charities and hospitals have wide appeal.

Host an Event at an Impressive Venue

Even small businesses host corporate events, ranging all the way from product launch parties to customer appreciation receptions. All too often, these events are held in the same familiar hotel banquet facilities. While these locations are adequate, small businesses really need to wow guests to attract large numbers to their events.

Selecting an impressive venue can not only guarantee current clients’ loyalty but definitely draw new clients if the venue is worthy. Surprisingly, many venues including stadiums, airport hangars, aquariums, zoos, and skyscraper observation desks may be available for events at little more cost than a standard hotel banquet hall. Imagine holding your event at the top of a building or the 50-yard line of Metlife Stadium. Being flexible with your dates and networking with property managers to watch for opportunities can help make your events the talk of the town.

Be Visible In Your Community

Community visibility and name recognition are two of the biggest factors in your success. The ways to achieve visibility are as limitless as your imagination but should focus on creating a positive image of your business as providing support and leadership in the community. Employee volunteer programs, particularly mentorship programs, are an excellent way to communicate your values. Such programs are often covered by the press for human interest stories and gain you positive community exposure.

Consider also offering public tours of your facility or brown bag lunch talks about topics relevant to your industry. Any way in which your name is spread in a positive way that isn’t ostentatious advertising can have a huge impact.

By focusing locally or regionally, even the smallest businesses can have a major impact on crowds.

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