Explosive Facts: Nuclear Science & What You Need to Know

When you think about nuclear science, bombs and radioactive explosions might come to mind. While these factors do have a bit to do with this area of science, there is much more that you might not realize about the topic. It’s interesting to learn about and even more interesting to get involved with if you’re thinking about a career. Here are some facts for you to think over.

The Space Mission

It might seem logical, but there are few people who know that nuclear power is the only way that electricity is able to be produced for space missions to run for multiple years. The only other option available is solar power. The nuclear power that is used provides enough power to give the stamina and ability for the ships to get to space and to stay there for extended periods and to get off the ground.

A Radiating Degree

A nuclear science or a bachelor in radiation science technology degree is one of the top in the country to get. There isn’t much news about this type of degree because of the detailed work that is involved. However, if you have the mind for science and math to get involved in careers that focus on nuclear physics and other aspects, then there is a potential to make changes in the world of everything from the climate to space exploration.

Cooling the Power

A nuclear power plant relies on water for a variety of reasons. One of the most important is to create steam that is then used for either production or cooling at the plant. The plant needs to stay as cool as possible because there are reactions that can take place with nuclear power that can cause a meltdown at the plant, releasing radiation into the air. Many plants are built next to a lake or a river in order to have access to plenty of water when it’s needed.

Relatively Safe

One of the safest ways to create power is by nuclear fusion. The process is simple as there are two atoms that are put together to create one that is larger. This process hasn’t really been taken up with many nuclear plants, so nuclear fission, which is splitting two atoms, is commonly used. This is dangerous and is behind what causes meltdowns.

Nuclear science is a glowing topic. It’s a rewarding career to get into and offers a bright insight as to the power supply of a majority of the world. However, it is a dangerous field and should be respected with everything from supplying power to homes to working with rockets.

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