Democratic and Ethical Human Relations in Schools

Human relation happens everywhere, including at schools. Educational institutions should promote proper equality between all genders and people of all ages. Schools should be able to lay proper foundation of solidarity, regardless of the members of the school. Good relationship in school will allow everyone to seek peaceful and proper solutions for all problems. It means that students should have a proper capacity to understand others’ conditions and they are able to emphasize. They should be able to act based on everyone’s best interests. Schools should be able to enhance positive upbringing and influences that students get from their family. The primary burden of education is still at home and schools could enhance students more to become more responsible members of the society.

Students should get both parental and teacher supports for each of their decision and activity. Principles should be promoted and children should know about the basic rules of democracy. It would be better if schools and homes are located in a similar location. Personal development is an important factor and it could contribute to developing skills and knowledge.  Schools are still places where people acquire enough skills and knowledge. There are expectations and demands in schools, We should also ask ethical questions to school staff. Policies in schools should be democratically made. Democratic process should be manifested in school regulations. Parents should have an involvement in composing some of the rules. This will ensure that students will comply with the school rules.

Schools should be quite firm in implementing laws and it is important to know that legislation isn’t intended to surpress liberties and human rights. Students should know the democratic way of decision making in schools. Teachers and school staff should be in close cooperation with parents. Any new updates should be transmitted directly to parents or through children. Parents should also control the overall operations in school to make sure that nothing resembles coercion that can happen to their children. Ethical development among children can be stimulated with healthy obedience and this behavior should be started at home. The moral values of children should be shaped at home through contact with parents, siblings, relatives and the neighborhood. If students ponder moral problems, they should be guided to decide what they should do.

There could be collision between reality and goals. Democratic and ethical values should be reconciled. There are solutions to deal with democratic issues. Schools need to actively encourage children to adopt different standpoints, as long as they are compatible with democratic and ethical values in schools. Democratic process should be implemented in each class and this could extend to school-wide decision. Rules could be evaluated continuously. Students, teachers and staff should implement personal responsibility so rules can be upheld. Everyone should support one another. There could be concern and responsibility that need to be emphasized when implementing rules. There should be respect on human dignity and there must be ethical foundations. Schools policies should also deal with personal issues in a proper way.

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