Buying Food In Malaysia: Shops, Markets, Supermarkets In Langkawi

The trip to Langkawi is going to be interesting. Of course, exotic country gives wide opportunities for everyone. The city is full of hotels to live, restaurants and cafes to eat and attractions to have fun there. Let us speak about food. There is nothing better than find the nearest supermarket and buy fresh food there – meat, vegetables, fruits. Ok, speaking about Malaysia, it is not all than simple. The markets in Langkawi migrate all over the city depending on the day of the week. Thus, you may buy fish in one part of the city and meat in the other part.

Obviously, it is more comfortable to hire a car in Langkawi and go through the city in search of food. So, where to start?

Tanah Merah

Cenang Beach Supermarket

As you know, the hotels in Langkawi are cheap and differently equipped. If you do not have kitchen in the hotel, you probably need many different things in the shop, like yogurt, milk, sweets. You can find many different tasty things in Cenang Supermarket on the way to the airport. You can get there by taxi or car. It takes you 10 minutes to get there from the nearest hotel.

This shop is also useful for those tourists who are going to stay in the city for a long time and cook at home. You may come to the shop for glasses, pots, towels, soap, shampoo, cereals, sugar, milk, yogurts, bread, onion-garlic, spicy herbs. The big refrigerators boast with beef, chicken and fish. It is difficult to find pork in Malaysia. Never forget that Malaysia is Muslim country. There is also a small pharmacy department to buy such simple things as plasters, anti-febrile drugs, Tums.

Kedawang Megastore

This store is much bigger than the previous one. You can also find many different toys there, books, copybooks, paints, household materials. You cannot find many tourists here because the shop is located far from the resort zone. The prices are much lower there than in Cenang Supermarket.

Fish Market

This is the first place not far from Cenang where you can buy fresh fish and seafood. Of course, the choice is wide in the morning. Visiting market in the evening, all you can find is tune, one or two sorts of fish, crabs and shrinks. Waiting for night catch, it is recommended to come in the early morning.

Airport Supermarket

This is the biggest supermarket in the city. There is a big choice of European products: pork, sausages, different sorts of fish, semi-finished goods, fruits, vegetables, cheese.

Plastic shopping cart

Billion Store in Kuah

Of course, you are interested in fresh meat in Langkawi, but not frozen products. Welcome to Billion – the only one supermarket in the city where you can find fresh juicy meat. There is also a big choice of fruits and vegetables. What about the prices? The prices are rather democratic.

Ok, supermarket is not a place only for food. You can buy toys, kids’ stuff, baby milk, fruit and vegetable soup and puree. Of course, you may buy pampers and baby milk in the specialized shop. Nevertheless, Billion boasts with the wide choice of different brands. It is comfortably situated in the capital of the island. What is more, you can always buy a nice cute toy on the second floor of the shop. They are much cheaper than in Cenang.

Night Markets in Langkawi

The night markets usually start working at 4-5 p.m. till midnight. They migrate from one place of the city to another depending on the day of the week. If you live in the area of Cenang Beach, the happy days for you are Tuesday and Thursday. These are the days when you may catch night markets in this area.

What Can You Buy in the Night Market?

First of all, this is your chance to meet Malaysian cuisine. You may try aromatic fish soup or baked rice with eggs and anchovies. Langkawi is a mix of tastes. What do you want? You may try Thai or Indian food. The night market is a big chain of mini cuisines, where locals cook aromatic rice, meat and fish sticks, grilled vegetables, baked rogue and sweet chocolate donuts special for you. The night markets are not only tasty food. You can buy fresh vegetables, seafood, meat, fruits to cook at home. By the way, the food in Cenang markets is more expensive.

A Malaysian Treat

Drinking Water in Langkawi

Water is always a hot question for Asian countries. The piped water is available just for washing. You should cook and drink just bottled water. It is clean and ready to use. If you are going to live in Langkawi for a long time, you will waste lots of money for water (5 liters for 2 USD). The bottle of this size is not enough for two days! So, you have to spend about 40-50 USD per month for drinking water.

Walking in the city or in the beach, you can meet interesting water machine. You can buy water for 20 cents per 1 liter. Actually, this is a good chance to fill your bottle with fresh water on the go. Just think, it is 5 times cheaper than in the supermarket! There is one big water machine in Cenang Beach. The second machine is situated not far from the supermarket in Cenang.

Cheap Alcohol in Langkawi

Malaysia is friendly for tourists. Langkawi is a territory of tax free sales and cheap alcohol. The nearest big mall from Cenang beach where you can find alcohol is Zone Duty Free, not far from the city Oceanarium. You can buy chocolates, local cosmetics, clothes and suit cases and bags.

Jumble o booze, duty free, Oslo Airport, Norway

Shopping in Langkawi

What about shopping? Oh, Langkawi kindly offers a wide choice of European clothes in Billion Store. Speaking about markets and small shops, the clothes is low quality there. By the way, clothes in Langkawi are twice expensive than in Thailand and much cheaper than in the next-door Vietnam. Looking for European quality, it is better to buy clothes in a big shopping mall.

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