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Gaining Confidence With Cosmetic Treatments

They all say that your eyebrows and lips shape your face, but if you are unhappy with either of those things it can really bring your confidence down. Eyebrows are easy to fix; you can just fill them in with makeup but lips are different. If your lips and small or flat, putting make-up on them will only highlight their imperfections. The best way to enhance your lips and boost your confidence is with lip fillers, Glasgow. A quick and non- surgical way of giving your lips life, there has never been an easier way to enhance your looks.

Lip Fillers Glasgow

Lip fillers Glasgow is a non-surgical and non- invasive treatment, that can transform your tired looking lips. The treatment can take anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the individual treatment being carried out.

Before the treatment is carried out your plastic surgeon Glasgow will numb your lips and area around surrounding your lips. This is done to keep you comfortable during your treatment. You will be numbed either with a numbing cream or an injection into the gums. The injection is not an anaesthetic; it only used to numb your mouth area. The non- anaesthetic or drowsy numbing process allows you to go back your daily routine straight away. This type of training should always be applied by someone with filler and botox training.

Temporary Lips Fillers Glasgow

If you are apprehensive about having the lip filler Glasgow City centre treatment carried out but still looking for a change and want to enhance your look, then temporary lip fillers Glasgow might be for you. Any professional plastic surgeon Glasgow will be able to give you a temporary lip filler Glasgow treatment.

Temporary lip fillers Glasgow is the first step to enhancing your appearance and maximising your confidence. The temporary lip fillers Glasgow allow you to experience the results of having lip fillers Glasgow. If you are happy with the results you can continue your confidence journey with lip fillers Glasgow city centre.

The treatment is exactly the same as permanent lips fillers Glasgow. Although the results may not last as long. This having the treatment will give you the chance to experience lip filler, Glasgow. As well as this, you will also be able to see what results to expect.

 non- surgical

What Results Are Expected

The Berkeley Clinic are one lip fillers clinic in Glasgow. They advise all clients that results vary from person to person, it all depends on how well your body uses and metabolises the hyaluronic acid that has been injected into your lips. The results from having lip fillers Glasgow will be noticeable straight away. The treatment can last up to two years before a top up treatment is required.

After the treatment, there may be slight swelling and bruising. This is normal and will happen to everyone after having lip fillers Glasgow city centre. The swelling should die down after a few days, ice is recommended by plastic surgeon Glasgow to help with recovery.

Although your lips and mouth us numbed before the treatment you may still experience some pain during and after the treatment, however, this soreness only last for a few days.

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