3 Winter Vacations That Are Perfect For That Extra Pto

If you have worked hard throughout the year, you may have accrued a considerable amount of paid time off that you need to use before the end of the year. Although many people head for tropical beaches, the winter months can offer many other satisfying destinations that offer a wealth of opportunities for physical activity, intellectual stimulation and cultural appreciation. A little thinking out of the box and a bit of research can help you to come up with a fascinating destination for your winter vacation. Here are a few trips that can offer winter travelers a variety of unique experiences.

1 – Explore The Ruins Of Mexico

The winter is the perfect time to enjoy a trip to Mexico to see the Aztec ruins of Chichenitza, Tulum and Uxmal. The nation of Mexico has a rich history and deep appreciation for the structures that its ancient peoples have left behind them. You can enjoy a tour of these remarkable historical ruins with a trip that provides a deeper understanding of America’s neighbor to the south and lasting memories of an extraordinary ancient culture. And when you’re ready to relax, the beaches of Cancun and Playa del Carmen await, with sun and surf to suit your mood. Food, music, culture and history all await your enjoyment during your winter trip to Mexico.

2 – Chase The Northern Lights

If you prefer something more interesting, a trip off the beaten track, a visit to Finland, Lapland and the Arctic Circle can provide an entirely new experience that will make you the center of attention when the conversational topic turns to travel. You can begin your trip in Helsinki, the White City of the North, in Finland to enjoy the people and culture of this remarkable area, enjoying the interesting food and artifacts associated with this nation. A short flight can take you to Lapland, the northernmost region of Finland. Here, snow is a feature of everyday life, with the first snow that sticks coming in late September. Learn about the indigenous people, the Sami, many of whom make their living from reindeer herding. A dogsled trip sets you in position to take in the Northern Lights, a spectacular natural light display that can only be seen near the Arctic Circle. A professional tour company, like Alexander & Roberts, can help you to plan an exciting excursion to Finland, which can include the most fascinating attractions in this extraordinary part of the world.

3 – Take In History In The Greek Islands

The Greek Islands have long welcomed travelers from afar. As a historical trade route, the nation enjoyed the benefits of goods and ideas from around the world that made it a center of wealth and culture in the ancient world. Today, you can still visit many of the edifices that were left behind by this ancient culture. The Acropolis, the Parthenon, the Meteora Monasteries, Santorini, Mykonis and Delphi are just a few of the attractions that are popular with visitors. The Greeks are also known for their hospitality, offering travelers a warm welcome with food, music and culture that keeps them returning year after year. The Greek Islands offer a variety of entertainments and amenities that make a winter vacation there fondly remembered for years to come.

The winter months don’t require you to hole up and wait for the summer to return. You can enjoy a wonderful winter escape either on your own or with the family to a variety of fascinating destinations. Whether you like cold weather activities or prefer to bask in the sun, you can find a trip that offers stimulating activities or simple relaxation amid spectacular scenery. Consider these options for a wonderful trip to use your PTO this winter.

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