Benefit Of Using Underground Electric Power Cables

Underground Electric Power Cables create less visual and environmental impact that generates large opposition from local communities. There are several benefits of underground cables that we will discuss in this article. You can read others stories about power cables in different articles available online. To know the major benefits of using power cables underground, read further.

These cables:

  • Have lower transmission losses
  • have ability to absorb emergency power loads
  • have lower maintenance costs
  • Are less susceptible to the severe weather impacts
  • Require a narrower band of land to install
  • Emit no electric field
  • Can be engineered to emit lower magnetic field than an overhead line

Underground cables are expensive stuff as compared to overhead lines and for this reason, EHV underground cables are rarely apt for completely new AC power transmission. Manufacturers of power cables need to issue certain guidelines for apt use of such cables to balance the requirements of economic stakeholders, local communities and natural environment, notably in projects sections that have:

  • Densely populated urban areas
  • Areas where land is unavailable
  • Waterways and other natural obstacles
  • Land with superb environmental heritage or vulnerable eco-systems
  • Historically important sites or buildings
  • Prestigious infrastructure development
  • Land whose value should be maintained for future urban expansion

Problem with underground power cables

Electrochemical treeing is one major reliability concern pertaining to underground cables. It happens when moisture penetration in the presence of an electric field reduces the dielectric strength of cable insulation. Due to diminishing of dielectric strength, transients caused by switching or lightning can leads to dielectric breakdown.

Electrochemical treeing affects extruded dielectric cable like XLPE and EPR and largely responsible for insulation impurities and poor manufacturing. Electrochemical treeing also results in power system failure. If you want to lower the failure risk, you can install surge protection on riser poles and can buy tree retardant cable and test cable reels before accepting them from the supplier.

You need to look after electric power cables if you want to maintain their efficient performance. Some manufacturing units are offering special guidelines to their customers to maintain power cables. They make them learn about various things that they can avoid for sudden breakdown of the cables. Overloading is one of the reasons behind power system failure.

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