Building An Online Business: How An App Can Attract New Customers

Building An Online Business: How An App Can Attract New Customers

Every business in the 21st century has a website to acquire new customers. The competitive nature of the business world today drives firms to extra mile in marketing terms and build their business apps. However, creating a successful app is hard and requires coding expertise, time-consuming, finances, and continuous testing and upgrading. This article outlines how a business app will attract new users and customers.

App Title

When creating an app for your business, ensure that name matches the services and goods you are offering in the market. The title should match what prospective customers or uses will be searching for and use effective keywords for descriptions of the app. Promoting your app in app stores such as Google store or Amazon Appstore helps in reaching out to more users.

User Interface

Building a business app is easy to use, simple and with catchy design attracts and retains new users. However, if you are looking into how to build an app, it is not an easy task. It involves learning how to code, product designing, creating a wireframe for developers and potential customers, designing the user interface and building front-end and back-end of your app. A well-structured app is easy to navigate and has a lasting impression on users.

User Feedback

Online business should listen to the app users reviews and critique. It should also be easy for the user to give feedback on their experience. The reports enable the business to communicate with users and answers the queries while at the same time updating the app to user expectations.

Integrate With Social Media

Medium-sized firms design apps that users can easily integrate with social media applications such Facebook. A potential customer is likely to purchase goods or services after their peers’ shares how it was easy to use the app to buy a good using your business app. Rich user experience promotes user app in attracting more traffic to your business.


The firms encourage customers to use their app by offering app specific discounts. For instance, E-commerce sites offer special discounts from time to time on their mobile app. Users keep checking on the app to see whether there are new discounts. Online business use push notifications once they launch new offers to their customers know about it. This way business retains and attracts new users.

Loyalty Programs

One of the ways an online business will attract new customers is to give customers offers that are difficult to ignore. For example, betting firms offer rewards to a user each time they refer their app to a new user. Other businesses award points once a customer sends their app to peer or friends. This way the company gains new clients and extends its market share.

User Achievements

Every customer wants to satisfied with your online business app. Designing an exciting app for your users helps attract new customers. Creating several levels of rewards or coupons in your app enables the customer use your app frequently.

In a competitive business world, an app goes along in obtaining new clients of your business goods and services. Higher online presence using social media applications is useful in growing your customer base. Developing a business app with the appropriate title and designing straightforward user interface increases retainer ratio of your app and frequent usage by customers. Loyalty programs that reward existing users for referring apps to new users attract new customers. Regular app discounts for your existing customers enables the customer to check discounts regularly and advise their friends to use your business app for purchases of similar goods or services. App with designed with different levels of rewards helps the user become addictive to your app and higher purchases of products using the app.

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