Outsourcing Software Development To Ukraine: Why Is This Your Option?

The right software development strategy is a balance of four aspects: costs, code quality, delivery time and control over company’s key competencies. The problem is that in every particular case several options are available but it is not always clear which to choose: start a project with in-house team, hire a remote team or find an outsourcing development partner.

The reality is that when software development is not the company’s core business or the company’s own in-house team is overwhelmed with their current tasks, outsourcing is the best option. When choosing the right developers, the companies win in development time and costs for the same code quality.

When looking for a reliable development team you can see team available from all over the world with a great variety in price, location, stack of technologies and experience. On one hand, there are expensive destinations like the USA, Canada, Australia, and Western Europe. Here you can expect good communication, the same culture, similar time zone, and high professionalism. On the other hand, there are cheap destinations: India, China or the Philippines where you can expect but you can bump into issues like completely different mentality, lack of relevant experience, or problems with communications due to the difference in time zones as well. Therefore, more market study needed.

But when you want a balance between the price and experienced talented programmers (=code quality), you should look for a Ukrainian development company. Here is why:

  1. Wide pool of talents. Ukraine has over 90 000 IT professionals, making it No. 1 in the Eastern Europe. This is possible with a large educational system and high quality of programs in engineering. Most of IT people have at least bachelor degree; many have master’s degree or even Ph.D.
  2. Orientation on the global market. While Ukraine’s own IT market is small, most of Ukrainian IT companies work on the global market. Headquarters and/or business development centers are located in the US, Canada or EU while development teams and support reside in Ukraine. This way, Ukrainian firms offer their customers both optimal business environment and price for the quality of the service.
  3. Playing globally, Ukrainian IT companies implement best practices in both management and technical solutions to stay competitive. Also, People participate actively communities, meetups, and conferences. Many travelled or travel to the USA and EU upon exchange programs. Ukrainian engineers follow tech trends, and invest into education.
  4. You can find various expertise on Ukrainian market, starting from custom web development through solutions for business process automation to augmented reality and Internet-of-Things.
  5. Customer is the part of the team. Ukrainian developers care about their reputation but even more they care about their customers’ success. This is why they reflect on tasks and offer their customers optimal technical implementation of their concepts for their money. If something is important or too expensive to bring profit they will tell it honestly.
  6. Cheap and reliable Internet access. Customers can be sure their project won’t get lost because of lost Internet connection.

For the reasons above Ukraine remains a valuable outsourcing destination. It is best suited for those companies that wish not to spend too much on development, but need competent developers hence, want to buy the best quality for their budget.

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