5 Tips For Making Your Business More Energy Efficient

Investing in the energy efficiency of your business promises financial returns. It does not only help advocate environmental protection, or saves your company some money, but also helps employees thrive. Here are five tips to improve the energy efficiency of your business.

Involve Your Employees

This is the most vital step to make sure your energy saving measures will succeed. It is vital to educate and encourage them to be more conscious of energy saving efforts. Assign a monitoring committee to promote good energy saving activities. The optimization of energy use can lower the overhead and operation cost to about 40 percent. Take the initiative, serve as role model, and set as a constant reminder that all of you will benefit in the long term.

Check the Lighting

Do not hesitate to replace inefficient lighting into energy efficient ones as this consumes about 25 to 80 percent less energy. Also, perform regular monitoring and quality checking of the lighting systems for sustainability. Take advantage of natural lighting when possible as this affects employee productivity as well. Sunlight improves the mood and, ultimately, performance of your employees.

Regulate Temperature

Build a preventive maintenance program for temperature regulating equipment. Then, ensure regular cleaning or changing of air filters, heat exchange surfaces, water, or refrigerant. Also, be very cautious on the repair of leaks in piping, coils, fittings, air ducts, or the unit itself. Do not hesitate to replace any defective parts, as any delay will not be beneficial.

Manage Equipment Usage

Turning off the office computer monitors when not in use saves significant amount of energy as it consumes about 100 watts per day. Use of recycled materials will also go a long way to lowering down energy expenses. Companies, such as Solomon Corporation, might suggest involving the use of refurbished products like transformers. This is not only doing a favor for the environment, but for the company’s expenses as well.

Select a Sustainable Purchase Policy

Opt for green products when replacing appliances or doing renovations. This is a worthy initial investment and can pay off later. Annually, the energy savings can range from 2 to 10 percent if done right.

Making your business energy efficient is not complicated at all. Save money while protecting the Earth by advocating an eco-friendly business initiative. Remember the mentioned means to lower consumption of energy in your business and use them as your guide.

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