4 Crucial Design Features For A Modern Corporate Headquarters

4 Crucial Design Features For A Modern Corporate Headquarters

Employees are demanding and customers are expecting more from the look and feel of business corporate headquarters. Modern work spaces are being designed to offer employees spaces and destinations that encourage movement throughout the day. They are being designed to keep workers engaged while making the most of office space.

Get Rid of Wires

A cluttered work space equals cluttered minds. A clean work space allows for freedom of thought and creation. This idea is behind the trend in designing workstations that are clean and simple. Wires are being hidden within the table, giving the room and desk a very organized feel and appearance.

Non-Conventional Work Spaces

It is expected that by 2020, fifty percent of the workforce will be millennials. This number is expected to rise to 75 percent by 2025. Millennials are more productive sitting in cafés or lounge areas as opposed to traditional work spaces. They are collaborators and do not want to isolate themselves.

For this reason, many corporate headquarters have made the move to create a space that is just the opposite of rigid workstations. Comfortable offices that in many cases look like lounges or living rooms are a popular trend designed to make work more relaxed and more enjoyable.

More People, Less Space

Many corporate headquarters are looking for ways to make the best use of their available space. They have been able to fit more people into a smaller space while at the same time not affecting the comfort of their employees.

This design trend is due to changes in the way that people work and changes to the technology that is being used. For many corporations, employees need to be on site or at their desk less than 40 percent of the day. Since employees are away from their desk the majority of the day, the work space that they need can shrink.

Couple that with the fact that flat screens, tablets, and laptops have replaced bulky monitors and large computers and businesses are able to design work spaces that have a smaller footprint per work space.

Mixing Textures to Improve Wellness

Many designers and engineers are being tasked with building corporate headquarters that use a variety of materials throughout the work space with the goal of creating environments that improve wellness and lead to productivity.

Mixing unique materials with bold colors and creating an effect that is appealing and at the same time structurally sound is not easy. Engineers who have received a master’s in civil engineering online are invaluable in these types of building projects as they have learned how to plan, construct, and operate the infrastructure that is necessary to make a hodgepodge of materials work together in an attractive and stable way.

The modern corporate headquarters is drastically different from what one would have seen 20 or 30 years ago. Changes in technology, changes in attitude, and changes in work styles have all played a role in affecting what a modern corporate headquarters looks like today.

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