10 Golden Rules for Job Hunters: How to Write the Brilliant Cover Letter

Finding the perfect job is very important n this day and age. In fact, in this economy it is vital to find the right job. We all need to earn an income but we also need to be happy with the job we get. You need to make sure your resume is up to trend and on point. Do not get your application thrown out just because you did not research what is acceptable these days.

More important than your resume is your cover letter. This is you speaking to the recruiter and it needs to catch their attention before they even get to your resume. Here are some golden rules to write the perfect Cover Letter.

  1. Catchy first sentence

Your opening line needs to catch the attention of the receiver immediately. You need to really think about what to start with. The recruiter probably already knows which position you are applying for so do not waste that space by mentioning it. Instead, try an opening line that makes the recruiter interested to learn more about you.

  1. Find a template

Times are changing and the expectations of the recruiter is set. If you do not know what the trends are, find a job cover letter template and use it as a start. This will at least ensure that you have a base to work from.

  1. Address the manager of recruiter

Do not send a generic letter to everyone. Make sure you address the cover letter to the person advertising the position. This will let the recruiter know you are serious about this job. It also lets them know you actually read more than just the post title.

  1. Proofread

I cannot state this enough. Nothing will annoy the recruiter more than spelling errors and grammar mistakes. Proofread your cover letter and then ask a friend or family member to do the same. Do not take any chances of letter any errors slide.

  1. Research

You would be able to write a more compelling cover letter if you know more about the company. You will be able to establish the tone and therefor write a more acceptable Cover Letter. The recruiter needs to feel that you did your research and therefor chose to apply because the company is a good fit for you.

  1. Do not write more than a page

Recruiters and managers are busy people. If you need to write a five page Cover Letter, you are clearly going to throw them off. Keep it short and simple and try not to write more than one page.

  1. Convert your Cover Letter to pdf

Find out how to convert from doc to pdf for a more professional looking Cover Letter. DO an online document convert search if you find it challenging. You will eventually get it right and it is worth it.

  1. Be yourself

It is important to be professional but please don’t be a bore. You should write in the voice you would speak. Remember, you might be called for an interview and your personality should match your Cover Letter. You don’t have to be silly and write a knock knock joke but try and show you are fun yet professional.

  1. Use professional fonts

Do not try and type your Cover Letter in fancy fonts or on pink paper with butterflies on. You are not in high school anymore so be sure to send a Cover Letter that says you are a mature professional. This applies to all jobs. Even if you are applying for a job as a kid entertainer, you still need to show professionalism.

  1. Don’t repeat your resume

Many people make this mistake. They repeat everything already written on their resume. This is a waste of your time as well as the recruiter. You can highlight a few core points on your Cover Letter but do not duplicate your resume on your Cover Letter. It’s a big no no.

Your Cover Letter is the opportunity to express yourself and to make the recruiter interested in you. Remember, there will be many applicants and you need to make sure you stand out amongst the crowd. Stay away from using clichés about how passionate you are about the job or how long you’ve dreamt to have this job. They know so don’t use any clichés. Trust me on this one.

A few years ago, the Cover Letter fell away for a short time. Society soon realised, this is an important part of the application process. The Cover Letter made a silent comeback and it was necessary. The resume is a very point by point reflection of your achievements but there was no way to analyse your personality. Hence the Cover Letter comeback.

I am for one happy we are using Cover Letters again. Now you can apply these tips and ensure you get that call back.

Author Bio:

Brock Croft is a content manager and an active guest post writer. He is a fan of writing, education and entrepreneurship. Brock is also interested in programming and innovation.

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