5 Tips on How to Use your Website for Business Growth

All business owners want their businesses to grow, and those goals can be achieved and your reach can be expanded with a professionally designed and developed website. Your first task is to decide what you want your site to do for your business. Having a website professionally designed and built will help clearly communicate to the world what your services and products are. If your website looks good and works well, it will increase your chances of converting visitors into leads and will make your business grow. Here are some tips for effective web design & development for website development company out there.

1. Google My Business

Google My Business (Google Maps) is a free service that shows your business location or your company on Google Maps. If you don’t have your business registered with Google My Business, do it for free and get going. If you have a WordPress website, then you’ll need to download a plugin to apply to your website that gives search engines the information that they need. There are a few that are available for free, while you need to pay for others. Registering your business on Google My Business will help people find your business or location easily on Google Maps. This helps your business get noticed and your brand gets recognition by being there on Google.

2. Online Testing

Sign into Google and type a word like ‘web developer’ or web application development company and you’ll get to see some local web development companies with their phone numbers, maps, and opening hours. This is possible because Google knows about these businesses, it knows that these business firms do exist. But this only possible when you are present out there on the internet, otherwise how is Google supposed to know about your business, or the kind of service you provide, your location, or your contact number.

Google not only needs to know the name of your business, but also the type of business you provide, your location, and preferably your opening hours. This improves the optimization of your site, helping your local ranking and making it much easier for the residents in your area get to know about your business and get in touch with you.

3. Content Creation

You can’t simply expect visits on your website just by having a website designed by professional web designers and developers, you will be expecting visitors and customers who can go over your website and know more about your small business and what you do and for this you need to create content that appeals your target audience. This way the target audience will be attracted towards your website and would like to know more about the kind of work you do. Blogging and article writing is one of the most powerful search engine optimizing techniques available today.

Search engines are becoming increasingly savvy to keyword cramming, but providing regular and valuable content for your target audience is the essence of great content marketing. Your audience will use your site, give you quality links, and share your links on their social networks. All of this activity increases your ranking in the search engines. But this is not a one-time thing. Content creation on the website needs to be done on a regular basis. Businesses hire professionals for this work and pay money just to create content that can attract visitors to the website.

4. Marketing in your area

When people search for something near them they often use the name of their town, city or region. If you use locations within your posts (blogs or articles), you’re not only more likely to move up in your ranking, but you’re also more likely to get noticed by those that are searching. If your audience has several choices and one of those choices has several articles referring to the specific location the reader is looking for, that’s the site they’re more likely to visit.

5. Using Keywords

Do not just stuff your content with location-based words and phrases. You need to use relevant keywords in your content that matter to the people in your area and are genuinely related to your product or service. Quality content is king here. Your goal is to be the authority in your space, not just to rank well on Google. You can target your specific location by using terminology from your town in your posts and pages. Using keywords will make it easy for you to attract the right customers. It will also be easy for your audience to get access to the service you provide. Keywords have become an important element that needs to be taken care of while creating any kind of content.

In a Snapshot

Content and SEO have become a driving force for a company to get noticed and expand. With good designs and the right kind of content, it is easy to attract visitors to your website.

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Keval Padia is a Founder & CEO of Nimblechapps. His vision is to become the best web design, app and game development company, which can transform people’s idea into fully functional application at a very affordable price.

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