Why Wall Tiles Are Not Meant For Floors?

Wall tiles are different from floor tiles. Wall tiles exporters explain why you cannot use wall tiles as your floor tiles through this post. Manufacturing units of tiles categorize tiles as wall and floor tiles. But there are some companies that don’t categorize their tiles by surface and this confuses the customers. How to get out from this confusion? Follow these tips to determine which tile is suitable for floor and wall.

  • Search for COF ratings

COF rating helps in determining if the tile belongs to wall tile category or floor tile category. Every ceramic and porcelain tile is marked with COF rating. COF is coefficient friction. Floor tiles should contain minimum level of friction to make it safe to walk on. Wall tiles can be slick in design since friction doesn’t matter. If your tile is having minimum .50 COF up to .60, you can use them for floors.

  • Search for PEI ratings

Porcelain enamel institute or PEI issues 5 classes of ratings. These ratings range from PEI class 1 to class 5. Class 1 rating tiles should be used for no foot traffic and walls only.

  • Do not use your wall tiles on floors

Tiles with right ratings should be used for flooring. You can use your floor tiles on walls, but you cannot apply this strategy for wall tiles to apply them on floor. Wall tiles are delicate and are unfit for floor application.

  • Wall tiles are less durable

You cannot walk on the wall. Wall tiles are not durable ones and are prone to breaking. Your glass tile can be applied on walls and it will make your room aesthetic in looks. But you cannot think of using glass tiles for floors due to their fragile nature.

  • Smaller tiles for walls are best

Yes you heard it right- smaller tiles work best on walls. Tiles with vitreous surface should be used for walls that experience lots of water. However, for floor, you can use absorbent tile like terracotta or quarry tile.

  • Exotic material tiles are meant for walls only

It would be great if you install your leather, tin, honed natural stone, glass and stainless steel based tiles on the walls. These exotic materials should be protected against abuse.

If you need more information on wall tiles and ceramic tiles, you can talk to wall tiles exporters and avail desired details.

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