Designer Wall Tiles

Why Designer Wall Tiles Are Gaining Popularity In India

Wall tiles are a convenient and stylish means of covering the walls. They give a room character, style and certain pizzaz. Although many people see it as a modern trend, wall tiles have actually been around for more than century. Exquisite tile work from the Ottoman empire is a proof of their long history.

But we seem to have rediscovered them with a bang! One of the most noticeable trends in interiors today is the growing popularity of designer wall tiles in India. These tiles have become a preferred item for many decorators and home owners.

Wide range: The secret of their popularity lies in the sheer range of designer wall tiles today. They come in a range of natural and man-made material — from granite to porcelain. It means that they can fit almost any criteria you may have. Whether you want a Greek themed room, a rustic look or a sleek modern room, you will find a tile that will suit you.

Affordable: One of the misconceptions about designer wall tiles India is that they are formidably expensive. Sure, there are designer tiles that can break the bank, but if that is well beyond your price range, worry not. A number of Indian companies today have come up with a premium line that is developed by their in-house designers. These designer wall tiles are much more affordable than what you may expect. So for just a little extra cash you can get these designer tiles.

Customised: One of the USPs of designer tiles is their ability to be customised according to client needs. You can talk to a designer for tiles that meet your needs, such as colour, theme and even the material. This is a luxury segment. Hence, even corporates that create their premium line will offer customisation.

Quality: There are premium wall tiles and then there are designer wall tiles! What sets these tiles apart is the quality they promise. Not only are the makers committed to aesthetics, they will also guarantee the quality. Designer tiles usually have to go through rigorous testing before they are passed. Remember, the quality of the tile is closely associated with the brand. Hence, the commitment to quality is absolute.

Rise in luxury goods: One of the main reasons for the rise in popularity of designer wall tiles is the rising interest in luxury goods. More and more people today want the best and more importantly, can afford the best. These are people who are looking for luxury apartments at a top-notch address. Consequently, they are also more likely to look for the best when it comes to designing the interiors and that means designer tiles.

Better ROI: Designer wall tiles are not just about the aesthetics. The truth is that they also offer a solid return on your investment. They are made of extremely durable material and hence, likely to stand for years. You are saved from the usual hassle of cleaning and maintenance. Designer tiles are also more likely to give you better buyer interest when you decide to sell your home.

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