What To Do After You’ve Been Sexually Abused

When you become a victim of sexual abuse, it can be extremely hard to think clearly and to know what the next steps are. Nobody should ever have to go through this, and they especially shouldn’t have to go through it alone. Before you proceed, you should recognize that sexual abuse is never your fault and you are worthy of getting help and holding your abuser accountable. Continue reading to learn what the next steps are, and if you really want individual help, you should hire a sexual abuse attorney immediately.

Get Yourself To A Safe Place

First and foremost, you need to find somewhere safe if you are not in a safe place. This could be your own home, a friend’s house, a hospital, etc. If you are not able to get somewhere safe, call 911.

Find Someone To Help You

Navigating the aftermath of sexual abuse is really hard, and it’s even harder if you’re on your own. Find a close friend or family member who can comfort you and help you take the next steps. If you don’t have anyone you can trust, call the National Sexual Assault Hotline. You can get help from a trained professional over the phone, and they can also set you up with people in your area who can help you.

Go To The Hospital Or Local Rape Center

This step can be extremely hard, but it is also extremely important. Not only will this help you get checked out to ensure your physical safety, but it will also help police gather evidence to stop your abuser from ever abusing you or anyone else again. Ultimately, it’s your decision if you want to go to the hospital and have a rape kit performed, and it is a brave and smart choice to make. If you do go this route, you should have this done ASAP, and definitely within 72 hours.

Seek Professional Help

There is a lot to process after you have been sexually abused, and even if you think you’re okay, you can always benefit from the help of a professional. This could include a therapist, a social worker, a sexual abuse attorney, or any other professional who is trained to help and advocate for victims of sexual abuse. The more help you have in your corner, the easier it will be to heal.

Sexual abuse can feel really lonely, but you don’t have to and shouldn’t go through the aftermath alone. Take advantage of the supports that are there to help you get through this time. The sooner you take action, the sooner your life will begin to return to normal.

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