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What Should You Start Doing in Order To Amaze Your Professor?

Being a teacher’s pet and impressing professors are on the to-do list of almost every student. It is not a tough task, though. Yet you need to follow some tips to ease the job. Your professor is no alien from Mars, but only another human being like you and a part of the earth. While you are thinking about keeping your work and academics in place to keep your professor happy, remember, they were students too once upon a time. So, they better understand all the smartness and intellect you try to exhibit in front of them.

Always doing things out of the world is not the key to anyone’s heart and mind. You just need to be yourself and give your best as a student to amaze any professor. Here are few important things you may consider in order to amaze your professor. Check them out!

Interest and alertness

Professors are masters of you! Agree? They are actually blessed with an amazing sixth sense. Merely by looking at a group of students, they can evaluate who is present in the campus for constructive affairs and who is not. Since such is the case, make sure, while working on capstone project writing you do not take things for granted. After all, it is all about just one topic.


While working on a capstone research project, it is very much essential that you discuss the same with your professor too. This way, there are times, you are educated about the genres; you won’t get to focus on otherwise. You get information and professor will feel in the loop as well – Bingo!

With capstone project writing, it is all about quality of work that you do. There are professionals who help you work in real detail. All your needs will be met, you simply need to get to the right place.

Continuity and initiating

There are times, while you are seeking a capstone project writing service, you totally become dependent on the team. Make sure to follow the continuity and be a part of the entire process. Ignorance is blissful, but not while working on a research project. This also does not mean that you take the entire call and not give importance to the team working on the other side, be a part of the team, not the opponent.

If possible, rather it is good only, try and keep on initiating. Contact your research team and your professor from time to time to know what they feel and seek their approval. This way, you will be a part of the process, will know about each step and move taken and also be able to work further on the same topic of research.

Your seriousness will automatically show if at all you are. Remember, research work requires honesty and dedication. Being both (honest and dedicated) will help you grab better opportunities in the times ahead. It is beneficial for you in the long run. You may involve yourself in more capstone writing projects, concerning various niches.

Talk and talk

There is an old poem stating- talking tiger never bites. Same applies here as well. Talking to your professor will keep you safe. They are those who are experts in a typical field. For instance, there is a reason why Michael M Watkins is a director of the Jet Propulsion lab at NASA. Similarly, if you keep talking to them you will end up gaining only, loose nothing.

Moreover, talking to your professor will only help you gain the goodwill as this is something very few students do. Simply involving you with Capstone project writing are not sufficient. Research is incomplete without primary research. Talk to your professor. Initiating talks with professors about innovative things usually amaze them.

Conferences and seminars

If possible, attend as many conferences and seminars as possible. At times such events are organized by schools/colleges/universities. These ignited minds have real new and fresh thoughts to invoke many ideas. Grab as many opportunities as you can. It will be good for you only and you will definitely be appreciated by your professor.


The recent launch of, 104 satellites, by ISRO, has been appreciated, by Elon Musk- The man behind SpaceX. He is the man who has been talking about making Mars a colony. Since this launch was some ways connected to the kind of work he has been up to, he did come forward and appreciated it. Similarly, if your professor writes a mail to some person, to help you with the research, there is no harm in saying ‘thank you’.

There are many times, professors do a lot of favors to their students. They are not bound to reveal their contacts to help you with the research, yet, many do it. It is all about the respect and gratitude you, express towards your professors. They are humans too.

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