Top Web Application Development Trends to Expect in 2017

Most of the organizations have made themselves prepared for mobile-first world. At present, responsive web design is a necessity and not a trending thing. What is trending then? We bring top trends for 2017 in this post. Read them and explore the trends to make your website application development project successful.

This year, more businesses will be taking their website seriously and making it as user-friendly as possible. Companies are driving more sales for their products by making the navigation effortless, the mechanics flawless, and the design simple. It is required for every company to have a credible online presence and extra sales instrument to work around the clock.

Some of the trends are as under-

Duotones to trend in 2017

Duotones refers to the image in which designer has used two contrasting shades of colors. In simple words, designer uses a pair of colors to make the image more vibrant.

Duotone trend comes from print design and most photographers use it in their profession. It is not the latest thing; duotones were famous at the beginning of 20th century.

Duotones will more likely be used trending color styles in web design in 2017. Major brands like Tumblr, Adidas, or MailChimp have also applied duotones for their few projects. However, just like other trendsetters, only time will give an idea if duotone will survive in web design on large scale.

Tip for using Duotone

If you are lacking in time, you can apply jQuery Duotone or Colorfilter.css to convert your images into duotone faster.

Flexbox can be used in web application development project

Flexbox or flexible box layout is a great thing today. Earlier the module was not supported by the browsers. Today it has come a long way and is used by java development community people for various projects.

Flexbox might be a difficult module to learn for developers, yet its implementation advantage is substantial. This is a next-generation tool that helps developers in creating CSS layouts that contain a grid of media elements. By keeping this in mind, developers are able to align, center, scale, justify, and reorder elements of their website.

If the website contains multi-column designs, Flexbox replaces a whole lot of distinct solutions, like floats, table display layouts, or clearfix hacks.

Tip for using FLexbox

You should analyze your traffic with Google Analytics to know which browser gets you more visitors.

Parallax for Selected Cases

Using Parallax is not universally practical as it extends the loading times of a website. If it is not rightly implemented, the user may get some confusing experience. Still, parallax is considered as a hot trend and there’s nothing wrong with using it. Make sure you don’t overuse it and know the best time to apply it.

You can enhance the content with Parallax and create an opportunity for core engagement. However, overuse of parallax can easily destroy the experience.

No more Stock Images to hate

We never admit it openly but it is true that we loathe stock photos. Terms like “young professionals in a call center” or “happy couples” might have worked 10-15 years ago. Not today!

There are several websites available today offering high-resolution, stylish stock photography that has no copyright restrictions. You can join such websites with other creative people and use interesting images for your project.

A few websites are – LibreStock, Unsplash,, Picography, FoodiesFeed, etc.

Gradients 2.0

Gradients have been making a comeback for the last couple of years and it all begun with iOS 7.0 and the new design language.

2017 is dedicated to Animation

Bold, immense, immersive, and engaging- this is what animation offers. Animation in web design weighs more. It takes more time than usual, but the results will be amazing.

Unique Layouts

New layouts are absurdly distinguishable. These unique layouts are the best choice for specialized publication. It serves both as a marketing mechanism and consumption.

Inbound Marketing Optimization

It feels great that more companies are shifting their budgets towards inbound methodology. More businesses are generating content, making their social presence via social networking sites, and optimizing customer’s journeys throughout their online experience.

However, this methodology works only for the website that is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. It is necessary to have a well optimized website with optimal loading times. You need to ensure that the website is responsive and has compatibility for major browsers.

Custom Typography

Creating a custom layout will help you in making unique approach in the market. Other than this, creating custom and recognizable typography option works well.

The custom font you use in communication or on your website will be recognized by customers after time. It is a bit time consuming, but it’s worth it.

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